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( Dec. 18th, 2013 03:01 pm)
Got the call at around 1300 that her ashes were at the cat clinic. I was in the middle of running errands and had some frozen stuff that needed to get home and in the freezer, so I didn't get to the clinic to pick her up until around 1400...

Her temporary urn is in a sealed box that came in a dark blue velvet bag that has "Until we meet again "The Rainbow Bridge"" embroidered on it with yellow thread. It also has a card with it. All will be opened later, once J and I are both home, probably after bowling tonight.

While I'm incredibly relieved and glad that she's back home where she belongs, I also have an immense sad right now. Been fighting back tears since they called me to tell me she was back from the crematory. This is NOT how I wanted to bring my baby home, but I take comfort that her spirit is somewhere out there in The Great Beyond, over The Rainbow Bridge, watching over us til we meet again. She's a good Guardian Angel, as are her "sisters" Smudge and Diva and her countless cousins whom I'm sure she's gotten to know by now and is trying to be her quiet alpha self among them all...

Sigh. My poor, sweet girl. Finally home...
As per usual, this came from and if you can't see it over here, please go there!

Jazz Urn

I had to put the urn on the dining room table to get the best picture of it for you, but her final resting place is on top of my bookshelf in the living room next to Diva, who's next to Smudge. As a final touch, J put Jazz's orange sparkle ball in the emptyish spot by the cat's tummy after he placed her on top of my bookshelf.

It never gets "easier", does it? :(


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