Another shocker this morning when I woke up. Such an incredibly gifted and prolifically talented man. He was one of my favorite contemporary actors. And now he's gone. FUCK CANCER!!!

Found these clips on the You-Tube for a little levity to help assuage my deep sadness.

Alan Rickman-off with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon

Alan Rickman Takes Jimmy Fallon to Task for His Impersonation... ;)

Rest well, Mr. Rickman. You will be dearly missed...
Couldn't go out quietly, no it couldn't...

J found out a former co-worker/mentor/friend died today. He was diagnosed with early stage leukemia on Christmas day. BLAM! Dead two days later. What the everlasting fuck is that?!?!?

J and his friend had lost a bit of touch after they stopped working together save for online and phone communication. They always talked about getting together sometime, to catch up in person, to hang out again. This never happened, unfortunately, and now his friend is now gone forever.

This makes the second cancer related death in a year for J, who is a childhood cancer survivor; this makes the passing even more difficult for J to bear. Survivor's guilt is a very real thing...

I met John once and it was a brief meeting--I barely remember it. But I know from my learnings over the years from J that John was A Very Good Man, indeed. We've lost one of The Good Ones.


AND FUCK 2013, TOO!!




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