We've, once again, got us an errant outside of the box pisser in our midst. Twice in the last week we've found large puddles of piss under the "sunning chair" which resides under the kitchen window, the second of which we found this morning. In addition, the last 2-3 weeks have brought lots more and larger urine clumps in all the litter boxes; one of which was so large our oversized litter scoop almost couldn't scoop it up. Verdict? One of our idiots likely has a urinary or kidney issue going on.

Our plan of attack is to take them in, one by one, in order of suspicion of guilt, for check-ups and blood work and urinalysis. Harlow's done by default, as he had his full work-up by coincidence last Thursday, and we'll have his test results back sometime this week hopefully. One down...

Next up will be Ulysses. At eight years old he's our most senior cat, so he's a good next "suspect". He had a baseline full blood draw done that came back all normal back in late April or was it early May? Regardless, I know things can change in a heartbeat with cats, so...yeah...He's also got a history of crystals in his urine that we think is controlled by his special prescription diet, but there's no way of knowing without another urinalysis. Interesting note on that--in the last month and a half we switched to a different brand of wet Rx food and he seemed to love it at first, but has been somewhat rejecting it in the last couple of weeks...Coincidence? Another reason to get his fat butt into the vet for a looksee...He'll be seeing Dr. Bajwa at Aurora Cat Clinic on Thursday morning at 9:30 AM. That oughtta be fun--he's a total beast at the vet and at his last visit totally cowed the timid substitute vet that took care of him. We're hoping the more steely, much more experienced, and "hardcore" hands of Dr. B will work out better on Thursday...

After that it'll be in order of age--Lars, then Dorene. We'll pin down who's doing all the pissings eventually, LOL, and if whomever it is needs treatment, they will receive it...

Sigh...It's always something in our house. The cats we adopt inevitably end up just as broken as their respective owners...
...when I went into the kitchen for a cuppa coffee.

Lars and Dorene 22 March 15.jpg

Ded from the kyute...
No pictures, but here's what we did for her...

She got two new toys--a giant green sparkle/crinkle ball and a beetle bug with crinkly wings that's got a string attached to it so us hoomins can make it dance and move so she can bat at it. ;)

For dinner all three kids got to celebrate with a bit of hoomin tuna--Dorene got a little bit more than her share, plus a bit of their usual kibble. They were all sooo excited after they caught a whiff after that can opened, LOL. Dorene wasn't content with her own bit of tuna; she had to go steal some of Lars' share, too, which was both amusing and maddening all at once. ;) Harlow went a bit swoony over his tuna bits--he was A Very Happy Kitty, indeed. ;) He loves his hoomin fud so...

All and all a Good Gotcha Day, methinks. :)
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( Feb. 5th, 2015 10:31 am)
Today marks Dorene's First Gotcha Day!! Yes, it's been a year since we brought that black bundle of energy home!! :) Dorene and I sorta picked each other out--I was looking for a somewhat quiet but young cat who wouldn't mind lap sittings and pettins and she definitely obliged at the shelter with great joy. Then we brought her home and once she was out of the Safe Room she turned into a bit of A Wild Child for awhile. Talk about a Bait and Switch. Little shit! ;)

She's calmed down a lot since then and has become quite a bit of a love, but on her terms, of course. Her antics never cease to amaze and amuse us.

Happy Gotcha day, baby girl. We love you!! :)

Dorene in the Safe Room 5 February 2014
Dorene 2-5-14

Dorene, Lars and Me 24 December 2014
Lars and Dorene Xmas eve 14
It's been exactly one week since we sent Ra over The Bridge and things are a might bit different around here. For now, at least, there are significantly fewer squabbles among the remaining three residents. The three of them seem to have their pecking order established just fine. It was primarily Ra and Harlow who were in fisticuffs the most over the last month or so, so...yeah. I think the two of them were arguing over who would be "bottom cat", but I can't be sure. Lars, Dorene, and Harlow are seemingly coexisting nicely with one another so far. Lars seems to be top cat, followed by Dorene, then Harlow. They even play grab-ass with each other down the hallways once in awhile during the day!

They've been a bit quieter and more polite (both individually and with each other) than normal, which tells me they know their buddy is gone and have probably figured out that he's not coming back again. I reckon as they get used to this fact they'll become more boisterous again, but for now things are relatively quiet all things considered. They've all been relatively clingy and affectionate with both J and I, too; I think they can feel our sadness and are trying to make us feel better in their own kitty ways. We end up with all three kitties on the bed almost every night for a good chunk of the night, and they're on our recliners as we watch TV in the den, too.

The most interesting change has been the state of the litter boxes. We've had at least one elder cat in chronic renal failure in the house with little to no break since March of '09 which meant lots of clumps of pee in the boxes. Now that Ra's gone the amount of daily scooping I'm doing is cut at least in half, if not more than that. It's quite amazing to me how much urine output we had with the renal failure kitties now that I'm seeing again what normal output for three kitties looks like. Wow. Just...wow...Our litter budget will be cut tremendously!

The big question now: Will Harlow become our official next kitty or will he remain a long-term foster? We're strongly leaning towards adopting him, but since J lost the kitty it's "his turn" to pick out a new kitty, so the decision is mostly in his hands this time. We both love Harlow and he really deserves a loving forever home and he's already acclimated to our house, so...yeah, the odds are in his favour. ;) I will keep you posted as we go through the decision making process... :)

The other big question: what will we do with all the medications we've accumulated for Ra's care? The animal hospital won't take it back and the animal shelter we volunteer with doesn't have any cats who are in need of any of it, either. Eventually we'll probably just dispose of it on our own, but probably not for awhile. Hell, I've still got some of Jazz's oral meds hanging around in a basket in the kitchen and it's been over a year since we sent her over The Bridge...We're not exactly quick in our decisions to get rid of old stuff we don't need anymore unless it's taking up a lot of space. That's our bad, I guess. Silly hoomins.

We *do* have a home for some of Ra's food; a friend of J's has a cat that's underweight and sick that can use the A/D crisis food, so we're bringing that over when we go hang out with them tonight. Hope Jack likes it...Poor kitty--hate to hear of sick kitties... :/

So that's it in our Kitty World. Thought you'd all like an update...
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( Dec. 24th, 2014 07:47 pm)
Happy Christmas from our home to yours! Here I am with a lap full of cats, something that's become a somewhat regular occurrence. Mama is quite happy with this development! Dorene and Lars have become quite good buddies, as you can tell from this picture. ;) We were watching the news together when J snapped this pic with my phone.

Lars and Dorene Xmas eve 14
The fluids and the appetite stimulant pill, along with freshly cleaned water fountain bowls have really perked our lil girl up! She started eating a bit after she got home despite a full tummy from the vet's office and ate a good amount for dinner, too.

Breakfast was great, too! Brought her in anyway, though, because of Dr. Choy wanting her to get fluids a second day in a row. Dr. B was in and did the honors. Gave her a physical again, then the fluids, and declared her largely out of the woods and that she was in relatively good shape considering she hadn't eaten well in a few days.

I get to give her a dose of the appetite stimulant every third day, four doses total, of which tomorrow will be the first dose. That oughtta be interesting--she's so little! I'm used to big ol' Ra when it comes to pilling cats, so...yeah...I bought some chicken flavored pill pockets at the PetSmart just in case I have trouble pilling her the old fashioned way...

We shall see what happens. I'm thinking she's going to be just fine...Just a little stomach bug...
...to bring her in. She's slightly dehydrated from not eating and Dr. Choy is concerned about the fact she's not eaten or pooped well in the past days.

She got a short blood draw, which verified signs of dehydration, but was otherwise very good numbers. Therefore they administered fluids to boost her hydration levels. Physical exam turned up nothing save for that she's lost just over a pound since her last weigh in back in December. Teeth and mouth are fine. Belly palpation was fine. Heart and lungs clear.

The trick now is to figure out why she's not eating and to get her to eat. Just in case, she got a shot of the antibiotic Baytril to stave off any possible infections that might be going on, a vitamin shot to boost her immunity and a quarter of a tab of mertazepine (a strong appetite stimulant med) and hand/force fed about half a can of A/D crisis food. They tried to get her to eat it on her own, but I think she might have been too shy/scared to eat it in front of Dr. Choy and Veronica; damned cat. :/ She got some sub-cutaneous fluids for the dehydration and I'm to watch her intake of water along with the food intake.

Dr. Choy suggested feeding whatever it is that Dorene will eat, so I went over to PetSmart and asked the folks there what they would suggest for a gravy loving small morsel eating cat. They suggested Nature's Recipe in chicken flavour--their experience with sick cats is they prefer poultry flavours over the stinky fishy flavours, with cats having colds being an exception to that rule (as it's the only thing they can really smell, and they rely on sense of smell to want to eat). So I picked up one each of the chickeny flavours of that brand that they had and I'll sort through the bag of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers cans for the poultry flavours and feed those as well. They also, interestingly, suggested I try putting her back on kitten kibbles temporarily because it's full of calories and more nutrients than adult kibble and tastier to them to boot. I picked up Blue Buffalo Freedom grain free kitten in chicken flavour as well. Will be slowly integrating those into her diet. The last thing I want is for her to get a more upset tummy from switching over to a new food(s).

Sigh. All this and my other set of eyes (J) is leaving for an out of town work trip tomorrow morning and he won't be back until Tuesday. So all this sick kitteh stress is all mine. Sigh. Like I said in my other email--can't not have a broken kitteh in our household... :/
Dorene continues to be eating poorly. She'll eat a bit of kibble that's left over out of Lars' or Ra's bowls, but barely touches that which is in her own bowl. I started her back on Fancy Feast Gravy Lover's wet food about a week and a half ago and she was at least eating that with gusto, but now she seems bored with more than a couple of flavours of that food, too. Two days in a row she ignored the Salmon flavour, so when she rejected it this morning I gave her chicken liver and liver flavour and she ate about 3/4 of the half a can I gave her. Because she's barely touching her kibbles, that's not enough food to sustain her. The last thing I need is for fatty liver to set in because she's not eating enough food... :/

Lars' kibble bowl has lower sides than Dorene's kibble bowl, and she eats his leftovers, so I decided to buy her a bowl similar to Lars' bowl to see if that would change her kibble eating habits. It really didn't change anything; she still pretty much ignored her evening kibble feed last night with the new bowl. :/

A call to the vet was in order. Veronica the tech asked if I knew if Dorene was pooping properly--come to think of it, it's been at least a few days since I've seen a Dorene like poop in the box. :/ Could she just be constipated and not being fussy? And if she *is* constipated, is it her Science Diet Adult formula that's making her so? I've been wondering for awhile if that could be the culprit for constipation in our cat household.

I think what's going on is a combination of factors. She's decided she really doesn't like the Science Diet Adult kibble, she doesn't like eating locked in the safe room (but I'm unsure of what to do about that, because if I don't lock her in there she *totally* ignores all her food and wants to run around and bother her brothers while they're eating. I guess I could try feeding her in the office with me in there with her with the door closed...That way she'll be in a different environment but no one will bug her and she won't be able to bug them because the door will be closed and I'll be in there with her to keep her company.

I'm simply at a loss. She's acting normally otherwise--her usual zippy, spastic self, questionable pooping as of late aside. I think it's past time to change up the kibble situation for sure. Hopefully the boys will like whatever new kibble I try out for them; they seem to like Science Diet Adult just fine, although Lars does leave a bit of his in the bowl every feed.

Sigh. It just isn't life at our house if we don't have a broken cat... :/
This morning was The Great Debut of Wellness wet food...

...and it largely flopped!

I gave her the sliced chicken with gravy along with a bit of Fancy Feast Salmon Gravy Lovers mixed in with the hopes that the mix of old and new would help with any potential tummy upset that might result in a food switch. She ate off all the gravy from both, ate the salmon meaty bits, but largely left the Wellness chicken bits alone. :/ It wasn't until I put more Fancy Feast on top of the leftover Wellness meaty bits that she showed any interest in the Wellness meaty bits at all, and only when I was in the room sitting with her, watching her eat. Odd, that, but at least she ate about 2/3 to 3/4 of the Wellness meaty bits when I kept her company. She, like her two brothers from other mothers, is an odd duck. ;)

Seems as though Dorene, like her brother from another mother Lars, is A Gravy Lover, and not a fan of bigger sized meaty bits. :/ I did give Lars a tiny portion of the Wellness (we're talking maybe a half teaspoon to a whole teaspoon) and he LOVED IT--wolfed it down before it even had a chance to stain his wet fud bowl. ;) He then downloaded a not exactly solid one in the litter box soon thereafter. At least he left it in the litter box and not on our living room floor, thank Bast, but...yeah...I think even that little bit upset his tummy somewhat so I'm not sure if I'll give him a taste again tomorrow morning...

I've not ruled out the possibility that Dorene might have something weird going on with her mouth/teeth that's made her adverse to the kibble. It might also be part of why she didn't want to initially eat the larger Wellness meaty bits, too. I tried taking a looksee in her mouth this afternoon but she was having none of it. Hard to say--she's only two years old so I would think her mouth and teeth should be fine and she checked out fine with the vet back right before we took her home in February, so...who knows?

At a buck forty nine a small can, I'm decidedly not amused that she's not liking it better so far. :/ I just might have to give up the fight after a good College Try with the Wellness brand stuff I bought and go back to feeding her the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers stuff that I know she'll eat with whole-hearted enthusiasm. Sigh. She's just plain weird! :/
In the past couple of days, Dorene has decided she does not want to eat her Science Diet kibble. She will, however, deign to eat gushy wet fud. Lovely, eh? :/

I used to feed Lars Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, but stopped when I thought it was causing him to be more likely to poop outside the box. I never resumed because he eat just his kibble like a champ, didn't seem to miss the gushy fud and besides all that he's getting a little chunky so he doesn't need the extra noms.

I realize that Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers is not exactly the best gushy wet fud I can be feeding my girl. My last social media poll on what people fed for kibble got me the most votes for Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Thanks also to SBG for his endorsement of Halo Spot's Stew, another good brand I've also heard of elsewhere. Today when I go to PetSmart I plan on choosing a selection from all three of the aforementioned brands and see if I can't get Dorene to eat some of those brands' various types of gushy fud.

Sigh. If it ain't one thing it's another... :/
J took this picture this morning before he left for work. That's Lars, of course, on the upper shelf, and Dorene on the lower one. ;)

Cat Fort Bravo Occupied
lady_curmudgeon: (Dorene)
( Mar. 4th, 2014 08:24 am)
While we still segregate her for feedings and when we're both gone out of the house for any amount of time, Dorene has been out and about in the rest of the house for the most part the rest of the time since this past weekend.

Save for a few scuffles and hissy fits, everything is going pretty well. Ra is still sort of peckish with her, though we've both caught them sniffing and smooching each other a couple of times already. Lars largely ignores her unless she gets too close--then there's hissy fits and the occasional polite swat to get her to move along. We've already had all three peacefully coexist on the master bed at night more than a few times, too.

Seems as though the pecking order will be Ra, Lars, Dorene. I think Lars and Ra will still compete for the top spot, but not as much now that they've got Dorene to boss around. ;) She takes it like a champ, she really does. I don't want to get to anthropomorphic, but it almost seems as though she knows she's youngest and therefore should be the submissive to the elder boys. They react to her and she immediately assumes a very submissive and passive posture. The boys accept this and move on.

All and all, things are going very well. I plan on starting to move Dorene out of the safe room for feedings and into the office for them. I used to feed Jazz in the office and tried to get Lars to eat in the office when he came out of the safe room, but he would have none of it; I think he had the solid conditioning we gave him to avoid food in the office when Jazz was alive too ingrained in him to ever be able to successfully feed him in there, so he eats out in the kitchen in the space formerly occupied by Diva before she got sick so long ago. Whatever--it works, so we're sticking with it.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2014 07:50 am)
We've been bringing her out of the safe room to interact with the boys for ever longer periods of time over the course of the last week. It didn't start off well--the boys were having NONE of her being out of there and they were hissy, swatty, and pouty at first. No major fisticuffs were had, though, so we had that going for us. ;) As the week went on, everybody slowly got adjusted to each other and, gradually, less hissing, swatting, and pouting was to be had.

Yesterday we had her out after we ran our errands and left her out while we took our respective naps and all was well. The rest of the time went well, too, so we decided to try leaving the door to the safe room open for her last night to see what would happen.

Either we both slept soundly for a change or things went really well. ;) Neither of us woke to fighting in the middle of the night. :) There were minor fisticuffs between Dorene and Ra this morning not long after I got up when they were together on the bed, enough that Dorene's breakaway collar came off (we should probably tighten that a little more), but no other damage. Just a lot of noise on Ra's part.

Of the two boys, Ra is taking it harder. I'm not surprised. He's had a lot of change over the course of the last year involving other kitties (losing Diva in July and Jazz in December, meeting Lars in August and now Dorene last month) so I'm sure he's sick of all this feline change shit going on in his world. He's quite the Curmudgeon, hissing and posturing and the occasional swatting and attacking towards both Lars (occasionally still) and Dorene. But he's slowly getting less surly. This is A Good Thing. I think it'll take a little more time, but eventually all three kids will get along with each other just fine...Here's to hoping, anyway...
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( Feb. 9th, 2014 01:53 pm)
J took this one a little while ago. Ded from teh kyute.

Dorene 9 February 2014
lady_curmudgeon: (Dorene)
( Feb. 7th, 2014 12:18 pm)
She's acclimated just fine to the Safe Room. In fact, she spent very little time hiding under the bed in there upon coming here, which is definitely a good sign!! :) She's explored the room about as much as she can, and has yet to play with any of the toys in there, but that really doesn't surprise me, either, since none of the other cats have played with the toys in there...perhaps it's time to put new toys in there? ;) She spends most of her time loafed out on the bed near the foot of it, ready to meep/meow at us when we come in for visits. ;) It's very cute when she does this. It's not every time someone goes in there, but she'll usually vocalize a little "hello" when someone enters. Sometimes she continues to be chatty for awhile after we're in there, which is even more cute. She's full of purrs and lovins and wants her chin scritchens when someone's awake in there.

I've slept in there the past two nights, and after the requisite pettins and lovins for a bit of time she settles in by my feet to sleep. It's a bit nippy in there without a space heater, which we can't run without tripping the breaker if both our PCs are on in the office, so J has had his PC turned off since last night so we can run the space heater at about 70F when one of us is in the house to keep an eye on it. I was a bit wary of running it while we were asleep, but it's a high quality space heater and we know good room placement so nothing starts on fire, so we're about as safe as one can be with a space heater running.

Having the heater on last night made spending the night in there a bit more pleasant for both of us, I think. I didn't need the extra blanket I'd brought in to be comfortable, so that's saying something for how much warmer it was in there with the space heater running as needed. That being said, it's not terribly cold in there without the space heater running, so at least there's that so we are able to turn it off for safety's sake when neither of us is in the house. It takes awhile after the heater's been running for the room to get nippy, too, so there's that as well...

Because of the chill in the room without the space heater and not wanting to run the space heater on a regular basis (it's got it's own thermostat built in, so it turns itself on and off according to room temp, but still...), I'm hoping to get her integrated into the rest of the house within a couple of weeks vs. the month or so it took us to get Lars integrated into the house. Part of why it took so long with Lars was his attachment to the Safe Room and his reluctance to leave it and be part of the rest of the house. I don't think we'll have that reluctance problem with Dorene. While shy and cautious, she's not as neurotic and drama queeny as Lars can be. ;)

As for how the boys are acting with a strange kitty behind Door Number Three, they're doing just fine. Lars still wistfully looks at the closed door and keeps an eye on it from a distance, but hasn't hardly banged on the door to get in since we brought Dorene home. I did catch Ra sitting outside the door with his nose to the crack at the bottom of the door, hissing, once yesterday afternoon, but he's largely steering clear of the door, too. (BTW--she hissed back at him, LOL) We'll have to try to get them to go up to the door so they can meet each other at some point, but we're not worried about that quite yet...

So, yeah--overall things are going quite well so far! YAY!
As always, the link goes to ladycurmudgeon.livejournal.com, so if it doesn't show up here on dreamwidth go over to my livejournal blog!

Dorene 2-5-14

Not the best picture, but it was taken within the first five minutes we had her home from PetSmart in the Safe Room. She was on the bed at her own accord, though, which is a good sign of confidence for a relatively quiet and shy cat. :)

I slept with her in there last night--it was a largely uneventful night. Initial pettins and lovins were to be had before I fell asleep and again this morning when I woke to find her sleeping at my feet. She is such a sweet and loving little girl!! She's already curious about what's on the other side of her closed door, too.

We plan on trying to do the introductions with the boys a little bit faster than we did introductions with Lars as to not get her too terribly attached to the Safe Room. Figure on about 2-4 weeks rather than 4-6 weeks.

Speaking of Lars, he's managing alright without his Safe Room comfort zone. He *did* have an poop accident on the living room carpet, but I can almost understand with all the commotion going on in his life right now. Caught him right after it happened and I gave him a lecture and cleaned it up, which is about all a person can do. Poor fella, it's going to be an adjustment for him.

Neither cat banged on the door last night save for I believe Lars (I could hear claws and Ra is front paw declawed) right after I went in there and was settling down for the night. I slept pretty soundly, though, so for all I know he could've been going to town on that door all night, LOL. So if, indeed, they did not attack the door, that is also a good sign/thing.

I think Dorene is going to work out just fine in our little household. :)
( Feb. 3rd, 2014 07:58 pm)
About a week after Jazz passed I started "interviewing" new girl kitty candidates for the "open slot" in our household. Why a girl? I've always had girl kitties, and to not have one in the house has been quite strange and uncomfortable for me. I didn't want to rush any decisions, and I was hoping one of the girls at the shelter cattery would "pick" us out for their new owners.

Turns out two girls did just that! Eclipse, a feisty and affectionate long haired calico and Dorene, a serene, calm and purry short haired black kitty with a white smudge on her forehead. Eclipse picked us first, but I'd heard that on her very first trek from the cattery to PetSmart adoptions she was picked by a nice couple and will be going to her new home after she's recovered from her spay which will be happening in the coming week or so. :(

I "interviewed" Dorene almost exclusively yesterday during our shift at the cattery. I took her out of her cage gently (she still had her spay stitches, so careful handling was required), and sat down on the step stool with her to see if she'd take my lap and some pettins. She quite graciously accommodated my request for pettins and lovins and she sat on my lap for a good 20 minutes just purring and lapping up the attention before she jumped down and went off to do kitty things! She was just plain content to be held and petted and given chin scritchens. SO SWEET!!

She's a bit quiet and shy at first, but she does get along well with the other kitties at the cattery, which is a big plus over Eclipse, who didn't seem to like other kitties, at least upon sight--she'd hiss at other kitties when we'd pick her up and handle her outside her cage. Dorene, while initially cautious, does warm up to both boy and girl kitties of all ages at the cattery according to our experience and what has been written in the socializing book. She's "four wheel drive" like most cats are at our shelter, so if she does get into a scrap with one of our boys (read: probably Lars) she should be able to hold her own just fine.

The shelter's vet figures she's about two years old, so she's in the age range we wanted to have for a new kitty. Still kitten enough to want to raise the roof and play, but not wild eyed like one, and old enough to be calm and not want to climb the curtains or door frames. ;) She likes to bat at feathery toys I found out yesterday, but I didn't try to see if she'd interact with any other sort of toy. She's not a "fussy eater", eating the standard Science Diet adult kibble and random brands of gooshy fud the shelter cattery has to offer. She's petite, but not too small to be terribly vulnerable to the rough housing of two somewhat feisty boys. She reminds me a lot of Jazz in many ways, but not too many as to be a "replacement".

So last night I emailed the shelter's cats coordinator about both Eclipse and Dorene, and found out today that Eclipse is, indeed, being adopted post-spay. I was a bit disappointed, but that's okay as long as she's getting a good home. Dorene got her stitches out of her tummy today and was promptly taken to PetSmart to the cat pods for open adoption. Which means time is of the essence if we would like to adopt her. So Carol suggested we might want to come to adoption hours and spend more time with her and perhaps we'd want to "bring her home for a try-out"? J and I discussed it, and the answer to that question is "Yes". I will skip bowling on Wednesday to go to PetSmart during my normal bowling time and we'll both spend some more time with her before we bring her home to our freshly opened Safe Room for a "Try Out."

Lars has still been taking his meals in the Safe Room up til now, though I've been working at moving his bowl out of there into the office for about a month now; he'll take his first meal out of the Safe Room in the office tonight. I've moved "his" box out of the Safe Room and put the dome box in there for Dorene. He keeps looking at me with his head all cocked to the side as if asking me what's up, which is very cute. Ra is pretty much unmoved by the changes as it's not "his" box that's been moved. We'll see how Lars adjusts to not having access to "his" room...I hope it goes smoothly... :/

I will post pictures of her once we get her home. I hope this all works out!