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( Feb. 5th, 2015 10:31 am)
Today marks Dorene's First Gotcha Day!! Yes, it's been a year since we brought that black bundle of energy home!! :) Dorene and I sorta picked each other out--I was looking for a somewhat quiet but young cat who wouldn't mind lap sittings and pettins and she definitely obliged at the shelter with great joy. Then we brought her home and once she was out of the Safe Room she turned into a bit of A Wild Child for awhile. Talk about a Bait and Switch. Little shit! ;)

She's calmed down a lot since then and has become quite a bit of a love, but on her terms, of course. Her antics never cease to amaze and amuse us.

Happy Gotcha day, baby girl. We love you!! :)

Dorene in the Safe Room 5 February 2014
Dorene 2-5-14

Dorene, Lars and Me 24 December 2014
Lars and Dorene Xmas eve 14
No pictures, but here's what we did for her...

She got two new toys--a giant green sparkle/crinkle ball and a beetle bug with crinkly wings that's got a string attached to it so us hoomins can make it dance and move so she can bat at it. ;)

For dinner all three kids got to celebrate with a bit of hoomin tuna--Dorene got a little bit more than her share, plus a bit of their usual kibble. They were all sooo excited after they caught a whiff after that can opened, LOL. Dorene wasn't content with her own bit of tuna; she had to go steal some of Lars' share, too, which was both amusing and maddening all at once. ;) Harlow went a bit swoony over his tuna bits--he was A Very Happy Kitty, indeed. ;) He loves his hoomin fud so...

All and all a Good Gotcha Day, methinks. :)


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