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( Jun. 9th, 2015 10:36 am)
It's a day late for National Best Friends Day, but I'm posting it anyway.

I, the Crazy Cat Mama, almost totally forgot to post about my Feline Best Friend.

Lars came into my life on Sunday 21 July 2013, the second Sunday after we lost Diva kitty. My heart was broken into a zillion pieces, I did not want to go to the shelter for our volunteer shift that afternoon, but there I was anyway. We walk in the door and we're greeted by a white and orange leg sticking itself out the middle cage by the door. I look in and find a beautiful fluff ball with worried eyes, purring away. No name, no gender on its feeding information card. No name was a fabulous specimen of cat, that was for sure. There was something different about this cat--it "spoke" to me, as if it knew of my troubles and wanted to help make me feel better. Wouldn't leave me alone for the whole shift, or in the next few Sundays thereafter, either.

I had hoped "it" would be a girl, so we could have a crack at adopting "her"; Ra was known in the past to not abide by a male cat in his midst so a male cat was not probably an option for us, so...Fingers crossed, we came in the following week to find *him* named Lars. I was SO upset and disappointed! :/ But J told me to not fret just yet, that Ra's last experiences might not be a true testament to his behavior with all male cats, that perhaps we could give Lars a "test run" in our house and see what happened. We decided that would be the way to go, and when Lars was quickly moved over to the PetSmart to be shown, we/I had to make the decision fast!! We brought him home a month after our first meeting on Wednesday 21 August 2013.

After about a 2-3 weeks in our guest bedroom as a "safe room", we allowed him to start venturing out to meet both Ra and Jazz. It didn't take him long to comfortably establish himself within the ranks. He's been a joy to have in our home, quirks, current health issues and all. I love him to absolute bits. He owns more of my heart than any other cat I've ever owned, even Jazz--and I lived with her for over 15 years!

My sweet Lars: Larsipan, Larsupial the Marsupial. Larzy Parzy. So many nicknames for one amazing cat...


Lars in a box 20140213

Clever Lars up on a shelf on my desk...
J really is my best friend in the whole world, sickeningly sweet as that might be...Love you to the moon and back, honey...


Devin's wedding 12 Oct 2013


Let's not forget the ladies!! Here's a very rare picture of me and my female bestie, Heather, on the day she attained her doctoral degree from Auburn University, back in August of 2012...


Yay for besties!! :D <3




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