It started on the 7th with a tickle in the back of my throat, which quickly progressed to feeling like I had a bunch of prickly hay stuck back there. On the 8th the runny nose like a faucet came, and I missed bowling that night because I was in no earthly shape to bowl in that condition. The 9th brought The Cough and the Wheeze, which sent me to the doctor--among my myriad health conditions, asthma is one I live with, so when I get a cough/wheezing I don't play around. Got some Rx non-narcotic cough meds, instructions to use my rescue inhaler every six hours (at least), to up my maintenance inhaler from one puff twice daily to two puffs two puffs twice daily, and to resume using my steroid nasal inhaler for the duration.

Woke up early last Monday morning still coughing like mad and feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest. This is Not Good. Clearly, things were NOT improving, so I managed to get an appointment with my GP's physician's assistant and ended up getting some of the Good Stuff (cough syrup with codeine) for my cough and told to continue all my other meds as previously instructed save for my rescue inhaler, which I was to use every four hours now instead of every six. Because my nasal discharge and my somewhat productive cough were bringing up clear/ivory/barely yellow crap, it was declared that my condition was still viral, so no antibiotics were prescribed. Also, my oxygen levels according to their finger thingus showed my saturation was still at 98 percent, so no steroid pack was indicated either.

Switching over to The Good Stuff for my cough and changing up my rescue inhaler regimen helped A Lot; while I was still breaking through with some coughing, I no longer felt as though there was an elephant sitting on my chest. So some improvement?

Things were going well enough mid-week where I decided to forego The Good Stuff during the day in favor of the non-narcotic stuff so I could drive to bowling on Wednesday night and I did alright. More coughing, but nothing terrible. Bowled like shit (like about 20 pins under average shitty, but oh wells), but I got through without exhausting myself too terribly. Decided that, in order to conserve the small amount of The Good Stuff, I would continue to take the non-narcotic cough med during the day and save The Good Stuff for nighttime so I could sleep. That meant coughing more during the day,'s the price we pay.

Called the doc's office to speak to the triage nurse to ask how long I could expect to feel crappy/expect to cough and they told me that the average with what's currently going around is at least two weeks. I'm passing that mark right now. Ugh. :/ Was advised to "stack" both my cough meds with some OTC cough med like Delsym, which I've been doing and it's been going a long way to quell the coughing. But when that shit wears off? Yikes, I cough like a multiple pack a day smoker. I'll probably call back the doc's sometime tomorrow or Wednesday if I'm still coughing like I've been to see if they want to see me again.

Sigh. Damned meat suit... :/


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