I called VCA Aurora on Monday to update them about Lars' newly discovered renal failure diagnosis because I figured they might want to know for their records for their ongoing care with his ongoing digestive issues they're still helping Dr. B treat. Told them his creatinine levels and that I didn't know his BUN, but that it was high end of normal, that Dr. B felt it was very early stage renal failure, that Lars had been prescribed Hills K/D, and to contact Aurora Cat Clinic for more information if they needed it.

Cindy from VCA called me back on Tuesday. She said Dr. M called Dr. B and they'd discussed the labs and, according to the one set of very specific guidelines for renal failure staging they go by, Lars was not in stage one renal failure, but square in the middle of the range for stage two instead. :/ Stage TWO?!!? Sweet Bast, there's only FOUR stages to this fucking disease and he's already halfway gone???


To say J and I are dismayed is beyond an understatement. Lars is only six fucking years old and shouldn't even be in stage one yet for fuck's sake!!

I talked to Cindy again today to double check to see if Dr. B's got Lars on the correct treatment and she surprised me by saying that Dr. B is actually going pretty aggressive--most of the time Dr. M doesn't start Rx food or any other treatment for the renal failure until the beginning of stage three. I found that to be interesting. And, no--we're not taking Lars off the Rx food! He actually *enjoys* the food so far and it can only do his numbers good. It's a balanced food otherwise, too, so he'll be fine on it.

I've joined the two feline renal failure groups on Facebook and have sought out more information on the rather popular layman's site--Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease that I used to frequent when I was dealing with Jazz's and Diva's renal failure. Gotta get myself re-acclimated to the logistics of the disease and care for same...

What is it with us and Broken Cats? I tell ya, we fairly seem to attract them...:/


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