Despite them both being gone now for several years, I still celebrate my parents' birthdays. Today would have been my Dad's 76th birthday had he lived. So, here are some pics for your enjoyment...

Dad, sometime during the early to mid 80s at deer camp, being a goof while cooking breakfast for the crew...
Dad playing the chef during deer hunting season sometime in the 80s.

It's a little weird to be posting a pic from my "starter wedding", but it's really one of the only pictures I have of me and my Dad together in my adult years...circa September '94...
Dad walking me down the aisle, first marriage, 10 September 1994

One of the last pictures of Mom and Dad together, taken in March of 2003 while they "snowbirded" in AZ.
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I was totally a Daddy's girl. While not an all the time sort of thing, I tended to have that man wrapped around my little finger for most of my life. We were pretty good buds most of the time, all things considered. I miss him every single damned day, even almost 12 years since his passing from this Earth. He was One of the Good Ones. Wish I would've told him that more often...

Happy Birthday in Heaven. Or wherever it is your soul's hanging around out in The Great Beyond right now. Have a couple of Cold Ones to celebrate your Natal Day, and be sure to detail whatever motor vehicle you're currently driving around in Out There, too--I know how much you loved doing that Down Here...

Sigh...I wish he was here, dammit... :/


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