Brookville Animal Hospital sent a sympathy card that arrived yesterday. It was hand written, very heart felt, and signed by both vets. We somewhat expected one, but not with such swiftness or with such feelings behind the words within. It really touched our hearts.

Then this morning around 1100 I got a call from them: I expected it was a call to check on us to see how we all were faring, but it was that Ra's cremains were back from the crematory. WOW! Either that was REALLY FAST or Diva's and Jazz's were on the slow end at two weeks and 2 1/2 weeks respectively. J picked them up after work. J hasn't even started looking for an urn yet, largely I think because he thought he'd have a bit of time to do so. The search will start soon--the crematory sent Ra home in nice metal tin that'll serve its purpose until we can find a permanent home for him to rest in. The clay footprint did us both in--it's absolutely perfect! I wish I would've had that option for my girls when they crossed over, but alas I didn't. That leaves me a little bit sad, but what to do about it now anyway?

Ra take his earthly rest somewhere on J's bookshelf, as my girls have taken have taken their rest atop my bookshelf. We both love our cats and our books, so it's a great resting place for him. <3

Ever so glad he's back home where he belongs...

Sigh...Poor, sweet fella...


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