Christmas was really great this year, but two people especially were missing--my parents. It's my 11th year without Dad and my 9th year without Mom but I still find myself wanting to get them something special, still find myself reading the Mom and Dad cards in the card aisle...then I remember they're gone and I feel sad.

Today after spending the bulk of the day with my brother and my niece, we stopped at the cemetery on our way out of town to pay our respects. I cried as we left because I still miss them so. Ever so glad the brother person was able to get wreathes to put out on not only their grave but our grandparents' graves as well. As you can see, it's a lovely addition to their "home".

mom and dad xmas 14

Sigh. I was silly and thought it was getting easier to deal with them not being here. Most days are fine. Just The Important Days are still hard, especially Christmas, because Christmas was Mom's Holiday (TM). She would go all out and spoil us all rotten with lots of well-thought out presents. Now I try my best to take her place. Someday I'll get to her level... ;)


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