( May. 27th, 2015 10:20 am)
Twelve years ago, right around this time, my father collapsed at work while waiting for his mower's blades to get sharpened so he could go back to work on his mower at the nursery where he worked part time in his retirement years. Despite heroic efforts to revive him by his coworkers (including my brother, who was one of his supervisors at the nursery), EMS, and the ER department, we officially lost him around noon that day...

Dad had many flaws. He was a total curmudgeon, especially in his final years when his coronary disease was worsening and he was unable to do as much as he wanted to do, but he was really A Good Man who always meant well. I loved him with all my heart, as all Daddy's Girls do. Yes, I was a Daddy's Girl; generally speaking, I had that man wrapped around my little finger. ;) Did I take advantage of that? You bet your sweet bippy I sure did! ;) I learned to not, though, at least not so much or as often, as I got older...

Gods, do I miss that man...The hole in my heart remains enormous for missing him...

Dad playing the chef during deer hunting season sometime in the 80s.

Hope you've been resting well, where ever it is your soul's been hanging out Out There since you left us. Wish you'd visit me sometimes like Mom does, but I understand if that's not your style.

I love you and miss you very, very much, Dad...



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