The Scruff Test (pull the scruff and see how fast it springs back into place) showed that he was well hydrated, so no fluids last night. Probably would've been a good idea to do one more night, but with the first night being such A Drama for the poor beast, we decided to leave the poor fella alone.

The Mirtazepine (appetite stimulant) is still raging in full effect--he's still acting a total nut bag, LOL. Quite vociferous and antsy for his breakfast this morning, which he ate with MUCH gusto. Still quite clingy and acting as though he wants comfort and reassurance--I can only assume it's the behavioural/psychological affects of the med that are causing him to act this way. "Mama--I'm trippin' balls over here!! Make it stop??" ;) Sorry, buddy--it's gotta wear off on its own, and will take a couple of days...You're fine. Come on over and sit on mama's lap for some pettins...We'll forego another dose of that med, too, unless he goes into complete rejection of food mode again.

No poos yesterday at all, so we decided to forego the Metronidazole dose this AM. Don't want him to go the opposite end of the spectrum and get stopped up and end up having to give him some sort of laxative (Petro Malt or Lactulose) to get thing jump-started again. He loves Petro Malt, but it Causes Poo Problems (as in "going" where he's not supposed to go) and Lactulose is just Another Cause of Medication Drama, so we're hoping to avoid either scenario. Won't get too concerned until it's been a couple of days without a download, so we're good so far in that department, too.

I'm glad he's bounced back so quickly from his tummy troubles. He's just not good at being a sick kitty, so it's all the better for us that he be healthy again. ;)


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