We didn't have the most incredible experience at the cat clinic yesterday, let me tell you. :/ Dr. B was out of the office and had a substitute doctor in play, Dr. P, who I find out today from Dr. B is only four years out of vet school--this will explain A LOT about our visit...

We basically "drove" the visit, Dr. P was so quiet and somewhat timid about things. We tell him what's wrong with Lars--that he's been gradually not eating as eagerly or as much, that he's been drinking more water in the last couple of weeks, that he refused to get up for breakfast and refused all offers of food yesterday, was very lethargic yesterday, and had diarrhea a handful of times overnight and yesterday during the day as well as vomiting saliva. Also, he feels like he's running a bit "hot", like he's got a temp.

Dr. P does a cursory physical exam, then says we should run a short blood draw. We suggest he might want to take Lars' temperature to verify if he's running a fever, too. He does so. We also suggest he might want to weigh Lars, which he also does. Sigh. Not getting a great vibe from this dude.

We wait for the results of the blood draw to come back. They come back normal. Verdict: tummy bug or slight bout of pancreatitis with slight to moderate dehydration. Tx: penicillin based antibiotic shot, B-12 shot to boost immunity, Metronidazole capsules to help stave off the diarrhea, and Mirtazepine every 3 days to help stimulate the appetite. He wanted to give Lars 100cc of sub-q fluids, too, but we told him we would rather administer them at home since we've got a bag full left over from Ra and Lars would likely take it better at home. Okay, fine, give him 100cc fluids once daily for 3-4 days at home. Metronidazole for 2 weeks, Mirtazepine until he's feeling better.

We realize upon discussing our relative discomfort and displeasure with Dr. P's performance on our way home that he did NOT palpate Lars' tummy during the physical exam. Don't you think if a cat is presenting with tummy troubles that abdominal palpation would be an integral part of your physical exam? By this point we were almost all the way home, Lars was WAY past his tolerance point for being out, it was frigid cold out and getting colder, and I had to get home to get ready for bowling. Should we have turned right back around and gotten that done? Looking back, I think we probably should have. We'll have to see how Lars does in the next few days...Hopefully we didn't make a Critical Error in Judgement...

Sigh. I didn't catch what the name of the antibiotic was that Dr. P gave to Lars yesterday, so I called the clinic this AM to get the information for my notes. Ended up talking to Dr. B, whom I gave a bit of an earful to about Dr. P. This was when he informed me that Dr. P is a relatively new vet. Dr. B tried to reassure me that Dr. P did everything that he would've done--save for forgetting to palpate the tummy, of course. Says to try not to fret, to do what Dr. P recommended and wait and see how Lars does. Apologized for not being in the office to take care of us personally, too. Dr. B is good at reassurance. ;) Always the Good Indian Salesman, LOL.


Gave Lars his sub-qs last night and he fought us tooth and nail. Took both of us to hold him down while the needle was in his back and the fluids flowing. This morning he fought again with the oral meds. We decided to try the liquid Metronidazole we've got left over from Harlow and Ra and ugh! Lars fought me so hard I got some in his fluffy, fluffy fur! :/ Good thing we've got the capsule form of the med, too. J did the Mirtazepine pill, which Lars also fought like a bear. Poor Drama Queen Boy does not make for a Good Sick Kitty--just plain too feisty! :) Here's to hoping he's too stubborn to get sick again anytime soon!! :)


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