2016-04-02 08:02 am
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Their cover even works well live...absolutely stunning!

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2016-01-12 10:11 am

David Bowie 1947-2016

David was one of the many British Music Icons that I worshiped as a young teen, discovering him during his "Let's Dance" period in the mid '80s. Many memories came to mind yesterday upon learning of his death, but the big one that did was the following video clip. Cable TeeVee didn't come to our somewhat rural neighborhood until spring of 1987, so it was public airwaves for us. I WANTED MY MTV SO BAD!!! LOL! My alternative choice until then was a UHF channel (was it channel 50 or 60 out of Aurora, IL?) that mostly played B-list and classic end music videos. David Bowie's "Fashion" was one of them, and it became a fast favorite that I waited for in the rotation with baited breath... ;)

It's not even one of his best songs, but it's just...so...yeah...I loved it, and still love it.

Listen to me, Don't listen to me
Talk to me, Don't Talk to me
Dance with me, Don't dance with me

That about sums it up for a weird and awkward new-wave girl in the 80s, doesn't it?

2015-02-27 01:41 am

First train home...

One of my all-time favorite Imogen Heap songs, I've played it over 80 times on my iTunes...

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2015-02-22 09:52 pm
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"I'm Not Gonna Miss You"

My Dad was a HUGE country/western fan, so I grew up largely listening to what he listened to on the radio until I discovered the world of rock 'n roll when I went into grade school and asked for my own radio so I could listen to "my" music. I professed to hate country music, especially the twangy stuff that was so popular in the '70s and early '80s when I was growing up, but I did love some of it. One of the soft spots I always had was for dad's cowboy music collection and for Glen Campbell for some odd reason.

Found out a few years ago that Mr. Campbell had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and that made me terribly sad. He had it in him to release a swansong of sorts last year, which I've posted below. It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. Poor fella. He was a pompous ass and quite the cad back in the day, but no one deserves the fate that befell him.

I hear there's a documentary about Glen's life coming out. Just might have to catch it. Sorry I missed Tim McGraw's version of this song on the Oscars tonight...

2015-02-05 01:02 pm
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2014-05-14 07:17 pm

Adventure Time!!

I am a HUGE fan of singer Neko Case. Last night she played the Chicago Theatre in Chicago and J and I were there! We parked at O'Hare Airport's economy parking, took the Blue Line into the city and walked about 3 blocks from the Clark/Lake station to the venue in order to avoid the hassle of driving/parking in the city. It was threatening rain so we both were packing umbrellas, but thankfully didn't need them.

Here's a picture of me outside the theatre right before the show!

The show did NOT disappoint! Even the opening act--The Dodos--were good! Neko played for a good two hours with THREE encores. And, yes, I *did* buy one of her T-shirts. ;)