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( Nov. 8th, 2015 09:41 am)
The Niece Person's Natal Day is today. She's 15 today. Yesterday J and I trekked up to K-town to celebrate her special day a little bit early, as shelter duty today prevents us from doing so today. This year's gifts from her auntie and J were her 15th year Growing Up Girl figurine to add to her collection and a bottle of Justin Bieber's The Key eau de parfum, which was enthusiastically and totally asked for by her because "my bottle is almost empty and they don't make it anymore and I can't find it in Kenosha anywhere!!!" Not a fan of giving The Bieb any money, but I am a definitely a fan of making the Niece Person happy so I plugged my nose, went poking around on amazon, and got a decent sized bottle of the stuff for a very reasonable price. ;o)

We were remiss in not taking an Auntie and Niece Person picture to commemorate the day; I was planning to until I noticed she didn't have any of the requisite for her now make-up on, so I figured she would be embarrassed to take a pic anyway. So, I'll share our most recent picture together from after last May's spring choir concert...


Am I feeling old? You betcha. Especially after she made mention of looking forward to getting her driver's learner's permit come next summer when she's 15 1/2--the earliest she's able to. :o/ I can only imagine how her mother and The Brother Person are feeling about things...

She's turned into Quite The Young Lady...Straight As at school, very involved in extra curricular stuff (JV cheer and student council member, choir and that's what she's mentioned--I'm sure there's more), lots of diverse friendships...I am very proud of who she's become. Her parents have both done well by her. :o) <3
This Something Positive strip is from Father's Day a handful of years ago--I wish I would've documented exactly when, dammit. Anyway, it's about dads who dote on their adult daughters. I had one of those dads, a curmudgeonly sort of doting, but doting none-the-less. I miss that so much...

no title

I'll never stop wishing that there were more photos of Dad and me with me as a "grown up". This is one of the few I have, and the only one I have scanned to my PC right now. Regardless of how things ended up with that marriage, that particular day in my life will always remain a Special Day because my Daddy helped Make It So. He talked softly to me as we walked down that long church sanctuary aisle, him calming my rattled bride-to-be nerves. Later, we danced our Daddy/Daughter dance to "Daddy's Little Girl", him singing every word softly and gruffly into my ear. After the song was done, he told me "And I meant every word of it, honey." To this day I can't listen to that song without shedding tears...of happiness, love, and sadness that he's no longer with us...

Dad walking me down the aisle, first marriage, 10 September 1994

Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad. I love you and miss you dearly.

I'm still proud to call myself your little girl...
( Jun. 5th, 2015 08:59 am)
Got some sad news on Monday afternoon from cousin Greg: our Uncle Ron George passed away on Sunday night. Thank God for Facebook Messenger and for hooking up as friends with one's cousins on social media--my brother and I have long since not been published in the Kenosha phone book (I obviously moved away and my brother ditched his landline), and the George side of the family is so notoriously bad for communication...we all love each other to pieces, but with busy lives and all of us being relatively shy and keep-to-ourselves sorts of creatures, we don't communicate much unless Something Happens in the Family most times. Anyway, because of FB messenger, Greg was able to ping me (and I think my brother) and let me (us) know the news and we talked for a while on the phone. He was also able to give me one of Uncle Ron's daughter's phone numbers so I could get more information from her, too. Thanks, Greg, ever so much for thinking of FB to get ahold of John and me!!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Darlene relocated to Arizona when he retired, so seeing them both was a yearly thing at best after they moved. My mom was close to Uncle Ron, and he came out from AZ to be with her in what ended up being her final month of life, caring for her when my brother and I were both at work and unable to be there for her. It was Very Special of him to do that for her, and for us, and for that we are eternally grateful. I couldn't thank him enough before he left for home after she passed...

I'm sad that, after Mom passed, I largely lost touch with her side of the family. She really was the social instigator of the family, and without her...yeah...Anyway, I've now got two George cousin's current phone numbers, so I'll be trying harder to keep in touch a little more often than when somebody among us is ill or dead...For family being so important to me, I'm woefully uncommunicative, aren't I?

Anyway. I hope and pray my Uncle Ron is getting his due rest in A Great Place Out There and that he runs into my parents and his folks sometime soon. That he's healthy once again and cracking those corny jokes...I love you, Uncle Ron...

Here's a pic of my Uncle Ron. It perfectly captures how I remember him--smiling with his whole face, with a glint of mischief in his eyes...

Uncle Ron
Last Thursday I was back home in K-town for my niece's last middle school choir concert. Yes, you read that right--she's finishing middle school soon! Where did all that time go off to??? :/

Snapped a bunch of Really Bad Pics during the concert which I won't bother you with here, but J took a couple of pretty good posed shots after the concert of her and I and of my brother and her that I'll share here...

Cassie and me...

Cassie and her Dad (my bro)...

She's going to be heading off to high school in the fall, made the cheer squad over there for the fall semester! :) Hoping to finally catch her doing some of her cheering, as I've yet to do so. She's not a great tumbler, but she holds her own on the squad just fine, so I hear, so that's pretty cool. I'm glad she's active with positive school activities and has a passel of good friends both at her school and back at her "old" neighborhood when she goes to spend time with her Dad. She's turned out to be a pretty darned good kid with a pretty darned good head on her shoulders--smart as a whip, too. She's really something, and I'm saying that with all Auntie biases aside... ;)

Proud to call this stunning young lady my niece and God Daughter!
( Nov. 11th, 2014 10:27 am)
On Veteran's Day I always try to remember to honor my Dad for his service. Though he didn't serve anywhere near the area, he was a drafted Vietnam era Army veteran. He was drafted in December of 1962 and served active duty until 1964 or 1965. He remained as a reservist until 1968.

He grumbled a lot about his Army years, mainly because of his assigned work specialty--Anti-Artillery. He grumbled because it was not a work skill that was terribly transferable to the "real world." His service took him around the US and to Germany, where he was stationed when JFK was assassinated. As he told it, it was a very scary time for awhile afterwards--all units put on high alert, caught largely with their pants down, sent out to patrol key areas of the base and countryside with little to no supplies or ammo--a bit more chaotic than for anyone involved's comfort! It took a couple of days, but they got everything they needed, and by that point were told to stand down. It was one of the exciting stories of my childhood!

Here's Dad's formal Army picture. I love that he's smiling brightly rather than the usual sullen and tough look a lot of guys opt for for their pictures. I'm proud of my Dad's service, and I love and miss him very much...

( Nov. 24th, 2013 08:33 pm)
Found out exactly what happened when she fell. She was at work, walking from tile to a carpeted area in the office and tripped at the transition. Her right side bounced off a wall and she fell and broke her left hip at the ball joint. Happened right in front of the safety officer's office, too, interestingly enough.

Her surgery was a bit more complex than they thought it would be. Once they got her into surgery, they observed the break was a bit worse than initially thought. They aligned the bones and put in a pin that extends from just above her knee up into the ball of the hip, plus a plate to hold it all together according to my Aunt. She started physical therapy today: got up on her feet for a short while and sat on the edge of the bed for about 45 minutes according to her youngest. Tired, but according to her youngest daughter's post feels accomplished nonetheless. There's some question as to whether she'll go right home from the hospital or if she'll need a rehab/nursing home facility temporarily. That's being hashed out right now, I guess...

J and I went up to see her yesterday afternoon. We brought her flowers. :) The hospital she's in is pretty darn nice, with all private rooms that are roomy and quite homey. When we got there she was still on oxygen, but they took it off her while we were there talking to her because she no longer needed it. Her pain was under remarkably good control and she was wide awake and completely with it. We stayed just over two hours, chatting the whole time. We got to hear the fall story directly from her, as well as details about the surgery we didn't already know. Talked about a little bit of everything. It's been a good, long time since I sat down and talked with my Aunt--it was pretty neat, although I would've liked it to have been under better circumstances.

She's got a pretty long recovery period ahead of her. She's game for it, though--she's a fighter with a good spirit and has lots of spunk. She's weathered injury before--got pretty badly injured in a car wreck about 7 years ago and had to have knee surgery from that and she bounced back pretty darn well from that one. I'm concerned, of course, but not terribly worried about her just yet. That'll come later, I'm sure.

It's interesting how an event like this can cause a family to come together...I've been in communication with Aunt's two daughters and four of my other cousins the past couple of days. It's been kinda nice, although, again, I definitely wish circumstances were different. A bunch of us got together last August in Kenosha at a local park for a picnic when my Aunt's daughter R was in town from California and it was a lot of fun. I hope we can all get together again when the weather's a bit nicer and my Aunt is recovered from this. We shall see.

Here's to hoping she heals and recovers from this awful incident quickly!!
This is out of my LJ Scrapbook, so it should theoretically post. If you get an error message do let me know and I'll edit the photo out and just keep the story...

Mom and Dad at their wedding reception, 11-24-62

Today would've marked my Parents' 51st wedding anniversary. Theirs was an interesting story, though I'm sure not uncommon of the time...

They'd been together on and off for quite some time, mostly "on" as the case may be. Pretty serious, living in sin together for awhile after a blow-out Mom had with her parents about dating him, though no real wedding plans in the works. Then Dad got his draft notice letter in the mail in October of 1962, due to report in December of same year for boot. That was enough of a kick in the pants to get them to get married. Before he went to boot camp.

Yes, that meant about a month to plan for a wedding. A wedding that neither set of their parents approved of! They would have to do it all on their own, mostly Mom's own for the planning. Family legend tell that Grandma Kersting offered up $500 and a full tank of gas for Dad to leave town and forget the wedding. He declined. On the George side of the fence, legend tells that Gramdma and Grandpa refused to even attend, let alone take part in, the impending ceremony. Why? They didn't think Dad was good enough for their daughter and they also thought it was too soon in their relationship to get married. Wow, talk about family drama!!

The day came and all they had planned was a church wedding followed maybe by a small dinner for the wedding party, which consisted only of my Aunt Penny and Dad's friend Roger, who were their only attendants. Grandma George attended, but Grandpa George did not; Mom's eldest brother walked her down the aisle. I don't believe Grandma Kersting attended, either, but legend tells that a tall man in overalls (Grandpa Kersting) stood silently in the back of the church, watching the festivities, leaving right after the vows were taken.

The wedding party surprised Mom and Dad with a wedding reception at a local bar called the Colonial (long since gone and replaced with Mc Mansions out in Pleasant Prairie). A great time was had by all--a little too great by Mom, who ended getting taken back to my parents' apartment and settled in by her new husband, and he went back out after that to continue partying the night away!! How wild is that!?!?!

About a week or so after that, Dad was off to boot camp and not long after he finished boot camp Mom patched things up enough with her parents so she could move back home with them to save money for the duration of time Dad was in service to our country because they couldn't afford to keep their little in sin apartment and Mom couldn't find a room mate.

Eventually Mom and Dad were reunited when Dad was back stateside from Germany. They tried to start a family right away, but were thwarted by two miscarriages before my brother came along in 1966 and I in 1969. Dad wanted six kids, but Mom only wanted two--a boy and a girl, which she got. I think she would've entertained having more had her body cooperated with her--after she had me, her uterus prolapsed, resulting in an emergency hysterectomy about a month after I was born. No more kids for them...

They stayed together when other folks wouldn't have, their relationship ending in 2003 when Dad passed away. They were married 40 1/2 years all tolled. I still am in wonder that they made it that long. But times were different back then; some folks gave it all up and divorced, others stuck to it and stayed together like my parents did.

So, Happy 51st Anniversary, Mom and Dad. May you celebrate the day well where ever you are out in The Great Beyond... :)
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( Nov. 22nd, 2013 02:54 pm)
Just got word via Facebook from my cousins that Aunt Penny (Dad's youngest sister) fell yesterday morning at work and broke her hip. She's scheduled for surgery tonight and is at current resting as comfortably as is possible with a broken hip at a hospital in Kenosha. :(

Let my brother know via text and let another cousin who I wasn't sure was a friend of my other cousins over on Facebook know as well so she could tell her parents. I almost want to head up there tonight and be with her family while she's in having surgery, but that's probably not a great idea. Best I head up tomorrow afternoon after she's had a chance to recover a bit. Dammit, I hate being just far enough away from home--2 hours plus going through part of Chicago is just far enough to make a person think twice before making the trek...My heart is breaking for her daughter, Robin, who's living in California and not here with her Mom!! That has got to be so bloody difficult!! :(

Penny was like a second mother to me while I was growing up--our families spent much time hanging out together. She's one helluva great lady! She's 70-ish years old. Not unheard of a woman her age would break a hip in a fall, and she's tough and young enough to bounce back relatively quickly from this. Thing is, though, she's already got bum knees and a bum back from a bad car wreck she was in a few years ago, so things might be a bit rougher for her because of those factors. :(

Anyway, if you've got any prayers/chants/etc that you can spare my Aunt's and her family's way it would be greatly appreciated...
Went up to Kenosha last night to see Cassie's last game. I took pictures, of course.:)

Practicing fielding

She hit the ball the first pitch both times at bat!

Her hat says it all--"Little Miss Trouble."