Tessa and me 29 May 2016

This lovely youngin I'm holding is Tessa. I finally got to meet her at my first shift back at the shelter cattery yesterday afternoon. J has been sending me pictures of her and talking about her nonstop since he first met her about a month ago when she took a piece of his heart...

Tessa is, all things guessing by the vet, about 2 1/2 months old. She's been spayed and microchipped and on the way to getting all of her vaccinations. Her temperament is very easy going and she gets on very well around other kittehs. She loves being loved, but also loves the companionship of other kittehs...AND SHE'S SOOO FLUFFY!!! I COULD DIE!! :o)

This could be bad, LOL...

We're SOO not ones to be captivated by kittens. We're usually big suckers for hard-luck cases and older cats. But Tessa? Yeah. She's something special. She's a total love bug. She let me hold her for a goodly portion of the time we were there for the shift, and lots of pettins and lovins. Not that she's not also interested in playing and being a kitten, either--she totally is and was during our shift, too! :o)

We really shouldn't get another cat. But...

Dorene's still a young cat and none of the three boys really want to play with her, which is sorta sad. SHe and Lars used to play together, but since he's been sickly for the last year or so, his energy to play is severely diminished. Uly sometimes plays with her, but Dorene gets a bit aggro and then he gets all skittish and runs off. Harlow doesn't cat well, so he's not much of a playa at all, either. Sigh. She's only able to run off so much of the energy herself and we can only play and interact with her so much without her getting bored with us, too. Perhaps a young cat for a companion might be just the ticket to get her more active again and work off some of the chubbiness that's come onto her over the last year or so?

Five cats is a lot. A kitten is A LOT outside of that--I know, I remember well all the work I put into my Smudge Kitty back in The Before Time (RIP). But...Yeah...Another kitteh that's just so very much touched our hearts. Perhaps Tessa is The One?

As with Nikolai...I will keep you posted...


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