Date: 2016-05-26 04:22 am (UTC)
lady_curmudgeon: me August 2011 (me August 2011)
Partner doc took a look and was all like "I'm out", LOL. He says there's still too much live meat/skin tissue attached to the old, loose nail for him to be able to remove it with just a local and he'd probably also want to do a nerve block for pain as well, and he's wary of doing same in a fingertip because of the potential for possibly injuring or damaging a nerve or some such and That Would Be Bad. He tried to encourage me to just schedule over a month out with one of the two dermatologists! I'm like--really?!?! Really?!?! Then I, in my brilliance (ha!) blurted out "What about sending me to a hand specialist? They could probably handle something like this, right?" Partner doc's face lit up! Yes! A hand specialist is just the ticket! Wham! Bam! Doctor information given for a practice out of Edward Hospital in Naperville (the town just a hair north of here), and I'm sent on my way.

This time I called as soon as I got home and my appointment with one of the hand specialists over at $That Practice is set for next Friday at 1400. Should be interesting...Again, will keep things updated as things happen. ;o)
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