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We took Harlow to the vet about two weeks ago now because he was dragging his hind legs around and generally having a bad time getting around; we figured his arthritis was out of control from all the constant weather changes and we wanted to get some good pain control for him.

We got some Good Stuff for him, and x-rays were taken to quantify where and how bad his arthritis had gotten. Interestingly, aside from some slight right side hip dysplasia and some mild arthritis in his hind knees his x-rays came back fine--nothing in his spine, hips or the rest of his legs. But, that being said, Harlow was definitely showing signs of discomfort when his hind legs were being manipulated.

It was suspected that perhaps some of his mobility issues were post-dictal seizure related, so a serum level for his phenobarbital was drawn up; it came back a bit on the low side, so his AM dose was doubled from 1/4 pill to a 1/2 pill.


Dr. E is not one to be a sales person, but the hospital recently invested in a laser therapy system that was touted as being able to help with inflammation control--it would be of benefit to both Harlow's sinus issues and to his hind leg discomfort. She gave us the $$ price for the initial six session and J decided that, after breaking down the price per session, it was worth a try.

Harlow's had four sessions so far. His gait is still a bit odd, but he's up on his hinders begging for his meals a lot more often than he used to which tells me those hind legs are feeling a might bit better than they were before the treatments. As for his sinuses, he's sneezing some, but no nasal discharge to speak of and his breathing sounds less Darth Vader like in general.

Is The Laser Treatment worth it? I'm of mixed mind on it. Both his sinuses and his hind quarters seem to be improved, but not by an immense difference. I'm not sure how much we're supposed to expect by this point in the treatment, so...yeah...He goes in next Tuesday for his 5th treatment, so I will ask then about what our expectations should be compared to what our observations have been.

So, yeah. LASERS!! ;o)


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