Dr. Medinger ordered blood work a couple of weeks ago--TLI and PLI to rule out pancreatitis skewing the glucose results; they came back with numbers indicating pancreatitis. But that didn't nullify the diabetes Dx...

After those results came back, Dr. M wanted to do a home based urine drop; evidently glucose levels in cat's urine are higher when they are stressed, and almost every cat is very stressed when at the vet's office. Got special litter from Aurora Cat Clinic, bought a new box for the proceedings, and plonked Lars into the guest/safe room for the morning last Friday morning.

It didn't take long for him to produce a sizable sample for me to bring out to the cat clinic for testing. The results were then sent to VCA internal medicine for scrutiny.

Many back and forth calls ensued, but the verdict has been handed down: it's official--Lars is diabetic.

What does the mean?

It means he's getting weaned off the prednisolone in favor of using the Flovent inhaler twice daily. Getting off the prednisolone should go a LONG way in getting his blood glucose under control, at least from all I've been hearing. It means Glargine insulin shots--one unit twice daily after his breakfast and his dinner meals. It means learning how to use a blood glucose meter, of course. It means transitioning from a renal diet to a diabetic diet. It means I get to *really* scrutinize his eating, drinking and toilet habits much more closely now.

It's just another crack in my already crack filled breaking heart for my sweet boy. This is becoming A LOT to manage, but I know we'll figure out how to do it all. We have to--Lars' health depends on us. I broke down into a puddle of tears after I got off the phone with the tech who gave me the news/information.


Anybody out there with experience with caring for diabetic cats, any words of wisdom that can be imparted are very welcome...


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