...I had to say goodbye to one of the best friends I had in the world.

Jazz came to me and my ex-husband in November of 1996 when she was about 2 years old. The branch manager at the job I was at at the time wanted to re-home her before the birth of his child, thinking she would be too much of a bother after the birth, so he asked around the branch to see if there might be any takers before bringing her back to a shelter. I jumped at the chance--we wanted a kitty Really Bad, and our landlady said we could have one whenever we were ready to adopt one.

Jazz stayed with me when me and the ex split up (we had three cats at the time--Jazz, Maddie, and Smudge; I kept Jazz and Smudge because they were so tightly bonded). She comforted me then, as she'd comforted me through the death of my father and then again with the death of my mother. She helped me celebrate good times, too, always there for me no matter what, loving on me when I needed her most, amusing me to no end with her little quirks (she loved laps, sleeping under the covers with me, and "spanks" from J), and generally being A Very Good Cat.

Saying goodbye to her was bittersweet, even at 19 years old and knowing she was in discomfort that we would not be able to rid her of. She was the closest thing to a child I've had up to this point and the longest I've ever been owned by any other animal in my life. Even a year and a day out, I still miss her so...

Here's a picture of her in much younger years, in her bed at my former flat. She loved that bed, and after she died, Ra took it over for himself at long last...

Jazz in her bed at my old flat

Rest well, Jazz kitty. You are still very much missed and very much loved...


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