...since my friend Terry decided he couldn't live anymore and took his life.

We never met in person; we were "only" internet friends. But we seemed to "get" each other and despite not being the most chatty of internet friends, we were always somehow there for one another during both the good times and the rough spots in our lives. I loved his snarky wit, his incredibly kind heart, and his intelligence. His last kindness to me was posting cross links from his blog to mine of Diva kitty's obituary post, and re-posting a lovely picture of Diva in a memorial to a cats forum on google +. That really touched both mine and J's hearts. Then, only three days later, I found out *he* was gone, too...

I still find myself finding myself wondering when he's going to post the next funny as all fuck thing on his LJ or to google +, then have to remind myself he won't be because he's gone and never coming back. Then I get sad for awhile. But not for long. I try to remember the good stuff, the funny stuff--not the sad and bad stuff that inevitably took him from us on that gods awful day a year ago today.

I miss you, Terry. I hope your soul has found its peace out there in the Great Beyond or wherever it is you are Out There. Gods knows you deserve that peace...
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