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Remembering my loveable curmudgeon of a Dad on the 14th anniversary of his passing. It's hard to believe so many years have gone by, but, at the same time, it feels like so many more have come and gone. I'll always proudly proclaim my status as Daddy's girl, regardless of how old I am or how many years' gone that pass that he's not been here with me/us here on Earth.

I don't know for sure where his Soul is hanging out these days, but I'd like to think he's enjoying a couple icy cold brewskies under a sunny 75-ish degree spring day, sitting in an open garage listening to his country tunes, smelling the wisps of lilac bushes he so loved. That was his kind of relaxin', and I so very much wish lots of that for him over the current part of his Soul's journey.

Thinking of you, missing you tons, and loving you even more on this day, Dad...What I wouldn't do for one more day with you here..



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