( Jun. 7th, 2015 10:59 am)
Earlier this week one of my childhood neighbor's daughters randomly posted a picture of her eldest son on her Facebook page. Nothing weird about that, really--it's her kid, she loves him and is wanting to share pics of him with her family and friends, right? And she somewhat regularly posts pics of her kids and grandkids, so no big whoop, right? Gods, I haven't seen hide nor hair of Tim since he was a young adult hanging over at his grandparents' house when my parents were both still alive. He looked great in the posted pic! Nice! Good to see his smiling face!


Turns out, he's gone. His Mom, April, posted a link to Tim's current hometown's paper's obituary for him on Friday morning to her Facebook timeline. Tim died at home, on 2 June 2015. He was 39 years old...

Tim was born when I was on the cusp of turning seven years old. He was one of the first newborn babies I can recall holding for any length of time, his were the first diapers I can ever recall changing and the first bottles I can recall feeding. I knew him fairly well in his young years when he and his Mom spent a lot of time with her parents next door to us. He was a sweet kid back then. Then the teen years came, along with Some Troubles for him. His young adult years were a bit unsettled, too, based on some of what my Mom retold from his Grandma. I worried about him, though I rarely saw him. There was an odd sort of bond there, established somehow in my heart, when we were so very young growing up together...even with my craggy childfree heart, it seems, "helping" to care for that baby/child all those years ago stuck with me...

There's going to be a memorial for him in my hometown tomorrow afternoon at the cemetery where my folks are interred. I'd go, but my Bridget Mobile is acting a bit wonky lately and I'm a bit wary of making the 80 mile trek on my own with her...so no go... :/ I'll be sending sympathy cards as soon as I get the prayer cards I ordered later this week--it's a carrying forward of something my Mom did with her sympathy cards that I wanted to do for both my Uncle Ron's family and now for Tim's family...It's the Footprints in the Sand poem in case you were curious...Yeah, my agnostic curmudgeonly old self sent away to a Catholic ordering house for wallet sized prayer cards, LOL. That *was* lightning you saw and thunder you heard... ;)

Rest well, Tim. May you find your peace in the next part of your soul's Journey that you weren't able to find on Earth... <3



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