Since I'm up for awhile right now anyway...why not do a Throwback Thursday post? Here's to hoping it works, LOL. The picture was locked down for some reason, but I just unlocked it and made it public in the album so it should work...

The Way Back Machine goes all the WAY BACK to fall of 1989 today. Here, my painfully thin self rocks the early manifestation of my current hairstyle, hanging out with my peeps in the Parkside Association of Wargamers (PAW) War Room located then on the L4 room of Molinaro hall at UW-Parkside. I was not yet a student there, but many of my friends were. I'd become a student in the fall of 1990. Good times... :)

Fall, 1989
Since it's that graduation type time of year, I reckon I'll share a picture of me doing the graduation thing for Throwback Thursday!

Here I am on 18 May 2003, matriculating from University of Wisconsin-Parkside, with BAs in Sociology and Criminal Justice! During my 12 1/2 year part-and-full-time college career my academics ranged from starting in the bowels of academic probation in the beginning to being on the Dean's List several times and winning the 2003 Academic Achievement Award from the criminal justice department in my final semester. I was mere .10s of points away from earning my Cum Laude honor cord at the bloody end, too. Frustrating, yes, but I was still so very proud of how very far I'd come since first starting down the Uni academic road back in the fall of 1990...

Graduation, 18 May, 2003

This was the last Special Event that I had my whole family at--Dad died a mere 9 days later. He'd started falling ill about a week before I graduated and I'd made him promise me that he'd make it to see me graduate from college--he kept his end of the bargain and even a bit longer, bless his poor, atrophied heart. It meant a lot to have my whole immediate family (and my best friend and her man, who was my second bestie) at the ceremony, cheering me on. We celebrated afterward with a very tasty Italian dinner at Villa 'd Carlo. It was a magical day...
It's been awhile since I did Throwback Thursday, but, in honor of my 45th Natal day, I figured I would post one of my favorite baby pictures! This would be my formal baptism portrait, dating back to September of 1969--so I was about three months old when it was taken. What a cute baby--still trying to figure out exactly what happened to me over the years, LOL. ;)

Trying this again as a re-uploaded picture to my "Random Pictures" album from LJ--let me know if it doesn't work again...

Pamela Karen Kersting 1969
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It's baaaack! I've been holding back on posting stuff for Throwback Thursday because I have a limited number of old pictures of myself downloaded either on my phone or my PC/lappy, but I've decided to post one today because...well, just because!! :)

me 9 sept 2006

This is a picture of me taken on 9 September 2006 at the Dunn's wedding, which took place in Maine. It was a beautiful locale for a wedding, and it was also a fabulous wedding! J was best man, and I was his lucky date for the event; our first trip away together. We all had a most wonderful time.

After the wedding I tucked this outfit away in the closet, and over the course of the years since that outfit was purchased, I gained about 30ish pounds. I thought I would never wear that outfit again and almost gave up and donated it to Good Will a couple of years ago, but then started to lose the weight. I've successfully lost those 30ish pounds over the course of the last year and a half, and am pretty sure that outfit will fit me again. Plan on trying it on soon, and hope that I can wear it for the spring/summer fancy dress occasions season again! :) Got one wedding in particular coming up in August I'm hoping to wear it to... ;)
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Better a day late than never, LOL--I was unable to post this picture yesterday because it wasn't in the right format to upload to my scrapbook--had to get a bit of assistance from J to edit the format from BMP to JPG. Now here ya go! :)

me June, 1988

The way back machine takes us to June of 1988! I was a year out of high school, going to see my friends in the class of '88 graduate that day. Don't ask me how I remember that, LOL, but I do.

I considered myself a "new wave" girl, but my fashion style borrowed heavily from pop sensation Debbie Gibson back then for some strange reason. Odd, that...But yeah, the hat is such a Debbie Gibson thing. I was SO PROUD of that hat and how it looked on me.

This is one of my favourite pictures of me from that time period. :) least here on dreamwidth and LJ. I tried to re-post the picture of me drunkenly playing air bass at a party from October of 1991, but, alas, it did not work. :( So I decided to delete the post. I will try again next week...hopefully we'll have better luck!! :)

Sorry about that...
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Again, if the image doesn't show up on dreamwidth, please go to to see it--it's a public entry over there as well.

The way back machine stops in Spring of 2003. I was about to graduate from college and spent a lot of time hanging out at my parents' house spending time with my niece, Cassie. She's 2 in this picture, holding her favorite type of cookie--one those rectangular wafer cookies with all the thick sugar frosting in the center.

This was my LONG hair phase, though it's hidden behind me, tied back neatly. I decided when I went back to school in 2000 to grow out my hair at least until I graduated. At this point it was about threeish inches from my waist. By this point it was too long and heavy to be held back by headbands, so I neatly tied it back with a scrunchy hair tie, which always matched my outfit. I had a metric fuck ton of scrunchies back then!

I graduated in May of 2003 but I didn't cut my hair until spring of 2004. After about an inch of split ends were cut off I ended donating about 11 inches of hair to Locks Of Love. My hair then became about shoulder length. Didn't get my current hairstyle until March of 2006.