Spent the day up in K-town with J, the Brother Person and the Niece Person. It was a lovely day, with only a few digs at each other, LOL. ;o) Lots of good food, wonderful presents, and a lot of love were shared, as it should be.

Here's this year's picture of the Niece Person and me. She's not a little girl anymore--stands as tall as me now and still growing, I'm sure.

Cassie and me Christmas 2015

Hope all of y'all who celebrate had a Merry Christmas and those of you who don't celebrate it had a decent and lovely Friday!
Relationship time warp!!

Here's J and I, about six months together, in Maine at the Dunn's wedding in September of '06.
Brendan_and_Lydia_Wedding 003

Here's we are, last August, almost eight years later...still in love, still very much together, at the Lester's wedding.

Will there ever be a wedding for us?? Maybe. We're quite content "living in sin", as it were. Neither of us is in a big hurry, if you hadn't noticed, but it doesn't mean the love and commitment isn't there for it. :) <3 So...ya just never know... ;)
Here's the Niece Person and me in front of my brother's Christmas tree this morning...She grows more gorgeous by the day, I tell ya...

Cass 25 Dec 14
Christmas was really great this year, but two people especially were missing--my parents. It's my 11th year without Dad and my 9th year without Mom but I still find myself wanting to get them something special, still find myself reading the Mom and Dad cards in the card aisle...then I remember they're gone and I feel sad.

Today after spending the bulk of the day with my brother and my niece, we stopped at the cemetery on our way out of town to pay our respects. I cried as we left because I still miss them so. Ever so glad the brother person was able to get wreathes to put out on not only their grave but our grandparents' graves as well. As you can see, it's a lovely addition to their "home".

mom and dad xmas 14

Sigh. I was silly and thought it was getting easier to deal with them not being here. Most days are fine. Just The Important Days are still hard, especially Christmas, because Christmas was Mom's Holiday (TM). She would go all out and spoil us all rotten with lots of well-thought out presents. Now I try my best to take her place. Someday I'll get to her level... ;)
lady_curmudgeon: (Dorene)
( Dec. 24th, 2014 07:47 pm)
Happy Christmas from our home to yours! Here I am with a lap full of cats, something that's become a somewhat regular occurrence. Mama is quite happy with this development! Dorene and Lars have become quite good buddies, as you can tell from this picture. ;) We were watching the news together when J snapped this pic with my phone.

Lars and Dorene Xmas eve 14