Yeah, remember when Lars bit my thumb back on 1st March? Well, he left a nice hole in the very base of my left thumb nail. And, that hole has been growing as it's grown out...

If I don't keep a bandaid on it, the lifting nail catches on everything, so I've had to keep it bandaged for the last...oh, I'd say month and change to protect it from ripping off. It's currently at least a quarter of the nail completely loose with about another quarter showing that it's unattached but not swinging in the wind, as it were. Hard to explain without a visual, and I daresay I won't be able to get a decent picture of it, so you'll just have to try to imaginate what it looks like. ;o)

Anywho, I figured about two weeks ago that it was at least time for ol' Dr. G (my GP) to give it a looksee and let me know if it was ready for some office surgical removal time or if it was a wait-and-see sort of thing. Call and talk to the nurse about it, she talks to Dr. G and he refers me to a dermatologist??? Really??? He can't look at and remove something as simple as a mostly loose thumb nail? That's a procedure that sounds very GP doctor-ish...

Okay, so yesterday I finally get around to calling the recommended dermatologist. Their office is transitioning over to electronic records keeping and are limited on how many clients they can see per day, so Dr. *name* won't be able to see me until July 15th. I can't wait that long, thank you for your time. Call Dr. G's nurse back. Get the number for a Large Dermatology Practice in Naperville. Phone drone is all like "we don't do that sort of procedure here, but I'll see if one of the docs is willing to do it." One is, but Dr. *different name* is booked out til the end of June. Call back Dr. G's nurse. I finally get an appointment to be seen by his partner doctor today at 1330.

Why the everlasting hell couldn't we have just bypassed all of the dermatologist rigamarole and just either had partner doc or Dr. G himself see me to look at this damned thing in the first place? To say that I'm at least mildly annoyed is a serious understatement. UGH!!!

I will let you know the status of my vacating thumb nail after my appointment this afternoon...

I give you our Lars, in his floofy glory!

Lars pre lion cut

Lars is, as you can see, a big ol' Floof Ball. It's getting a bit out of hand; blowing his coat like mad, lots of coughed up furballs, mats around the top of the base of his tail, clingons, you name it as an issue with a long-hair, he's got it!

He came to us last August freshly and largely de-matted and very well groomed. We've not done our all-out best to keep him that way, as we've not been as incredibly fastidious with the grooming as we should be, but we usually do a pretty good job overall. That being said, we've dropped the grooming ball a bit more than we should have...

I had a floof cat when I was married; her name was Maddie. She came to us with deep mats, too, mats we were unable to work with without her getting mean. So we did the only thing we could do, and that was to get her a lion cut to rid her of the mats and "start over" with the bulk of her coat so we could successfully groom her. It worked out well--her coat grew in nicer than it was pre-lion cut and it was much easier to work with in the ensuing months. For the duration of the rest of the time we shared her, we didn't need to get her another lion cut.

Going back to Lars, his mats are quite workable, but we've had to cut a few of them out of his hind furs, leaving some thinned looking places on his kiester by his spine at the base of his tail. We've been grooming/combing/zoom grooming him pretty much every night (yeah, I know it needs to be an every night habit to be successful--we're working on that) and he's still blowing coat like mad. He's always been a waller/sprawler cat--laying on his back with his legs splayed, letting the ceiling fans blow on his belleh--but with the weather (and the house) getting a bit warmer now that it's summer, I in particular worry if he's not getting a little bit too warm.

J and I talked about it a bit and, largely together, came to the decision to get Lars a Lion Cut to relieve him of the remaining, tighter mats and to "start over" with his coat for grooming purposes. Our previously second choice for veterinary care, (now third, second being VCA Aurora now) Brookville Animal Hospital, has a certified groomer on staff, so I'll be taking Lars there tomorrow for a noon appointment. We could've had one of the techs at Aurora Cat Clinic do it, but they charged more for the service, it's a longer drive there and back, and Veronica is not, to my knowledge, a certified groomer with 9 years' experience. So Brookville it is. I neglected to ask how long it will take for his bath/cut/ear cleaning/nail trim, but their starting level price is $50 for all of that--more if they need to give Lars a whiff of gas if he becomes too rowdy to work with. I daresay he's polite as all get out with us when we're working on his grooming, and even more polite (docile is more like it) with vets/vet staff, so I don't think he'll get rowdy. Aurora gives a whiff of gas straight away, which is the primary reason they charge more, but I'd rather whomever works with Lars gives things a try without the gas for obvious reasons.

So that's that--Lars will be getting de-floofed. I will share pictures of his freshly de-floofed self tomorrow when we get back...I hope he doesn't end up looking too ridiculous--Maddie ended up looking a lot like a bald hammerhead shark kitty from the view from above after we got her cut, so...yeah, not hoping for that for my Lars, too... ;)




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