Spent the day up in K-town with J, the Brother Person and the Niece Person. It was a lovely day, with only a few digs at each other, LOL. ;o) Lots of good food, wonderful presents, and a lot of love were shared, as it should be.

Here's this year's picture of the Niece Person and me. She's not a little girl anymore--stands as tall as me now and still growing, I'm sure.

Cassie and me Christmas 2015

Hope all of y'all who celebrate had a Merry Christmas and those of you who don't celebrate it had a decent and lovely Friday!
This year they did room assignments in the top three most coveted hotels differently--a lottery system. Register and pay for your badge by a set deadline, get a slot in the lottery. J and I both got our badges in time and each got a place in the lottery. This is a far departure from how it used to be--a totally chaotic open up a special webpage for a day and the site would crash from the traffic and all the Prime Rooms would book up within a couple of hours. So, at least, I guess the lottery system is a bit more fair and a lot less harrowing on the blood pressure? :/

Tonight we finally heard back--neither of us got into one of the Top Three hotels. Not terribly surprised, but bummed none-the-less. We were able to get a room across the highway from the DoubleTree (home of CVG) at the Days' Inn, which is allegedly serviced by the shuttle service, for the duration. We were even able to get a Triple A club discount on top of the con discount for the nights we're staying, so there's that at least.

This could mean we do a fair amount of walking over the course of the con to and from the hotel. Hopefully the weather will be temperate and not rainy...Else wise it's *really* relying on either a van or a bus shuttle that makes its rounds of several hotels. Cabs are right out because of the expense on top of the room and food expense we're already shelling out for the con. Sigh. This really sucks.

I think CVG is getting too big for its current venue's britches, have thought so for a handful of years now. This year will be a watershed year for us, as it will likely determine if we're going to continue to attend in future years if it stays at its current venue. This makes us both sad--we used to enjoy going to this convention every year. Now the crowds are so huge (we got "lucky" and it only took us just over four hours standing on line to get our badges from registration back the last time we attended in 2013--took others we knew well over that) that, by design, it can't be the same quaint and quirky convention it used to be...

It's also the *only* convention either of us attend. It'll be sad if we decide not to go anymore based on that fact alone.

Sigh. CONvergence, we miss the way you used to be! Come baaack to us!! :/
( Mar. 14th, 2015 08:39 pm)
Last weekend we got away and went up to Minnesota to see J's folks and to do some seeing of the local sights. The primary sight we saw was the fabulously still mostly frozen Minnehaha Falls...Here's a pic from the top of the sight seeing landing...No, I'm no great photographer, LOL ;)

Minnehaha Falls, 7 March 2015

We entered the (technically) closed area of the park so J's mom and J could go out a little closer to the falls and get better shots. I was a chicken and hung out on the other side of the fence while they did that. They had a lot of fun and only almost fell a few times on the slippery terrain... ;)

Here's a shot that J's mom took of us as we were making our way out of the (technically) closed to the public area where they'd been taking their prime photos. We're sitting at a resting point about half way up the stairs to the landing...

Jason and I, Minnehaha Falls, 7 March 2015

It was a much-needed trip away, and we both had a spectacular time. :) It was good to see family, though we wish we would've seen more of the family than we were able to arrange for, but that's okay, too. There's always next time... :)




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