Nora and Charlie wish you a happy National Puppy Day!

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(Remember these? 🙂 )

Dan has now been home for a little over a week, and we are slowly settling into some kind of routine. I’m working from home half-days this week, assisting Dan where necessary. For the most part he doesn’t need that much assistance, though. He is getting around by wheelchair within the house, and we have arranged the bedroom and bathroom upstairs and living room and dining room downstairs to keep everything accessible and manageable from the wheelchair. He can stand in one place for short periods of time so getting stuff off of shelves is possible as well. My help is only needed going up and down the stairs, providing a backup to prevent falls and carrying the wheelchair from one floor to the other.

Dan is technically housebound, which has a very specific definition per Medicare (the baseline from which most health insurance plans use). This means that with the exception of going to and from doctor’s visits and a few other minor exceptions he is not to leave the house. If something were to happen while he was out of the house the insurance company would, with good reason, refuse to pay for the in-home therapy from day one. This makes sense since if he could leave the house there would be no justification for in-home physical and occupational therapy.

Speaking of which, the occupational and physical therapists have been visiting the house this week, 2 visits each for an hour apiece. They have shown Dan how to use his walker more and how to practice static standing (building endurance while bracing on something like the kitchen counter). They also brought a second walker that he can use upstairs when comfortable doing so. He sees his surgeon and rehab doctor next week. Our hope is that they will move him to outpatient therapy and he will no longer be housebound.

As for working, he also has to wait for the go-ahead from the surgeon to go back to work. Dan’s job is completely computer-based so returning to work shouldn’t be too bad. He is definitely out until the end of the month, but with luck he will be able to return part-time starting in April. We are very fortunate that his short-term disability has covered 100% of his salary!

So that’s where we are right now.

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We are still accepting ALL SUBMISSIONS for WEREWOLVES VERSUS: FASCISM. We already have more entries than any other WV issue, and we want you to be in it too. Learn how here. We are looking for sketches, poems, comics, paintings, photos, or whatever else you have that depicts werewolves fighting authoritarianism, discrimination and oppression. The deadline is end-of-day, Friday March 24th. That’s the end of this week.

The issue goes on sale near the end of April 2017. It will cost a minimum of $1 but you can pay more. All proceeds through 2023 will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Special thanks to @viergacht for an amazing cover. More to come.

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You can’t keep a good man down! Dan decided he wanted to take over cooking dinner tonight 😀

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Freshly-baked kittens! (Yeah, yeah, a little sarcasm from me about just about everything!)

Ah well, even if you don't like kittens, you could just eat som-- ah, never mind that! :D (Little fluffbuggers are really cute, anyhow!)


It’s a good morning.

#coffee #workingfromhome (at Volo, Illinois)

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We Three Kings, by @afhenley

Chicago 1982 is a goldmine for the construction industry, and Eric and his two business partners are thriving. Once nothing more than orphans in a Catholic boys’ home, they’ve overcome poverty and abuse to obtain success. Now living the lives they once only dreamed of, they’re sure of one thing: they will never look back.

Then the past returns, by way of a cheap polyester suit and a smile Eric has never forgotten-and all the dark memories come crashing back. Lucky for him, Jimmy has no idea who Eric is, or who Eric used to be…

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

The overall story arc of “We Three Kings” could be told in a few short sentences, but sometimes the beauty of a story is in the telling. What I liked about this story the most was that Henley relied heavily on “showing not telling” – that is, the backstory of the characters and how they came to be the people that they are is shown, not laid out in clumsy exposition. The history is sketched in piece by piece as they novella progresses. We actually never do get the entire picture and that’s OK. The reader has enough solid information to understand what has happened and how this influences the characters and can sketch in the rest as needed.

Eric is a deeply conflicted, troubled man who desperately wants to atone for past transgressions but isn’t sure he has it within himself to do so. He and Jimmy are clearly a great match, but he has a mountain of baggage to deal with before this could ever happen. Interestingly, I’m not sure Eric is a 100% likeable guy, but he is who he is and he doesn’t apologize for that.

My only complaint with the story is that the character of Jimmy isn’t as fleshed out as I would have liked, though in the context of the story it’s understandable why. Also, when primary plot conflicts can just be settled by the characters just TALK to each other plainly, I get frustrated as a reader. Of course, seeing the big picture that’s easy for me to say – to someone actually living the story and dealing with the doubts and insecurities, it’s probably not so easy.

This is another very enjoyable story from A.F. Henley, and I am happy to heartily recommend it!

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When the weather is getting chilly like now, there’s nothing better than this dish with a shot of soju for dinner. It warms you right up! This dish is full of everything tasty, big chunky juicy dark meat chicken, soft potatoes and deep, rich and spicy juice that tastes so yummy when eaten with rice. Soju is a korean liquor made with mainly potatos. It tastes somewhere between japanese sake and vodka. It’s used in Korean cooking a lot, especially in cooking meat. When heated with meat, the alcohol evaporates and takes away the gamey smell of the meat with it. So even if you are not into drinking this liquor, it’s good to keep a bottle for cooking purposes. And they are super cheap at Korean grocery shops, usually less then $7 a bottle.  It is the most popular drink in Korea and there are many different brands but most of them come in green bottles. You can use any brand for cooking. If you can’t find soju near you, no worries. You can substitute soju with sake or vodka. You can use many different types of chicken as long as it’s dark meat: bone-in chicken thighs, wings, and drumsticks…etc. Just make sure they are not too big, and you might need to cook them a bit longer in order for the chicken to cook through. I like to use boneless chicken thighs the best because they take less time to cook and also less messy to eat. 

Oh my gosh, I absolutely need to make this. Even if Dan is allergic to garlic – I’ll make him cheeseburger on the side or something 🙂

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Out of all the fanart I’ve made of Zootopia, this one is probably my favorite. (Sorry, Chief!) Hope you all like it!

(Larger version can be found on DA)

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Ents are now in the comics pages! Gotta wonder whether they are pissed off at us for printing our news on them?

Wizard of Id Ents!

Wizard of Ents!


I had a dream I was an agender werewolf rockstar and whenever people asked “so are you a boy or a girl” I just ate them

altogether it was a pretty good dream

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Woo, out for dinner with Dan, the first time since he’s been home! He even skipped the wheelchair in favor of the walker. It’s a bit slow and clunky but it’s great exercise.

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The Proclaimers can walk on water? 

Do not underestimate the power of 80′s pop stars!

Little-known fact: Rick Astley once transformed water into Zima. It’s true! I read it on the Internet.

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Dan’s home.


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VOICEOVER: She wants a historically accurate thirteenth century castle in the heart of bustling downtown L.A. He has his heart set on living in a small metallic orb that would float over a bottomless gorge, beyond space and time. Can this pair of newlyweds see eye to eye???

WIFE: The location is nice but I don’t know about these staircases…I just had my heart set on an escalator made of sand and artisan brie.

HUSBAND: Well it’s definitely not a small floating metallic orb.

REALTOR: That…would defy several laws of physics.

WIFE (squinting): Do you have anything that is simultaneously larger, cheaper, newer, and more historic?


WIFE: And I need a big kitchen. I love to cook!

(Cut to footage of the wife in her current kitchen, wearing an apron and surrounded by pots and pans. She is hitting a banana with a hammer. On the counter next to her is a pile of doll hair.)

HUSBAND: Yeah, get her a nice kitchen. Of course, I won’t be spending any time in there, ha ha! (His laugh is loud but his eyes are so empty. They are empty all the way back.)

WIFE: And I need a room for my shoes. That is simply non-negotiable.

HUSBAND: Also, if we can swing it with our budget, I’d love a finished basement where I can really unwind and stew in my toxic masculinity and repressed emotion. And hardwood floors.

WIFE: And hardwood floors.

HUSBAND AND WIFE IN EERIE UNISON: Hardwood. Floors. (somehow it sounds like way more than two voices, more like the collective whisper of an army)

REALTOR: Okay, I will certainly, um. See what I can do? Anyway, this next house, it’s a metallic orb hanging on a sturdy cord near a ravine—

WIFE: Well it’s definitely not a genuine thirteenth century castle—

HUSBAND AND WIFE: (stare at each other in open contempt)

REALTOR: Heyyy so why don’t we take a look inside?


my mother watches this show all the time and i would just like to say this impression is spot-on

Pretty sure I’ve seen that episode, actually. Can’t explain why it’s so familiar otherwise.

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Hooray! @takazajw is finally home! (at Volo, Illinois)

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Just one more night then Dan will be home!

(From Dan) As I mentioned yesterday, Wednesday is the day I am going home, so today was the day where they test to see how far along you have come and confirm that you are truly ready to go home. 

We started with Occupational Therapy by doing the daily morning routine and I seemed to excel at that. The Therapist kept on commenting on how far I have come along and gave me a few tips on how to move forward. Spent the rest of the morning chatting with the staff and relaxing.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is that my sister Chris works at the hospital here and every week day she has come up to have lunch with me. It has been nice just having her here and being able to catch up on almost a daily basis. She has also offered to help out if we need anything in the evenings, especially if Tom needs some time away. My mother has also offered to help and it is very much appreciated!

This afternoon was Physical Therapy which was full of brutal things to do to make sure I am ready. Get in and out of a car (easy), up and down 12 steps (hard but doable), go up and down a stoop/threshold (kinda hard), and walk with the walker. There was a difference in score between 50 feet and 150 feet so they really wanted me to try for 150 to see if I can do it. With taking some standing breaks to shake my arms out, I was able to go 152 feet today, which surpasses my 69 feet previously! She also let slip that she had to modify my goals early on as I quickly surpassed them!

Everyone feels that this is the best time for me to go and that I am ready. I can’t believe it is finally time and so ready to be home with Tom and our doggies tomorrow. What has been so heartwarming is that all the nurses that are leaving and I won’t be seeing again have made trips to say goodbye to me. One even came back because she forgot about it until after she left. I will need to send something to them. Speaking of, I need to get some thank you cards made up to send to everyone who has sent cards and gifts so far.

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Oh right, that’s why I hate painting. I suck at it. (Also, “primer + paint” my ass. These are going to need a second coat tomorrow.)

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(From Dan) Started the day with Physical Therapy and was the last day for me to push for things that I want to work on. As I am going home on Wednesday, tomorrow will be the last assessment before heading on home so it is pretty much things to show that I am ready and able to take care of myself (with some help from Tom). Anyways, we worked on stairs again, going up and down 8 steps twice, which gives a good feeling what to expect. Also worked on side stepping as part of our stair setup along with some more on balancing. We finished with using a new walker that will be the style of the one I will be getting on Wednesday. It is quite a bit lighter so it is easier to work with overall.

After lunch, I got to enjoy Occupational Therapy where we did some transfers with the walker and moving around to sit on things was quite interesting, but ended up being real good to get used to. After that, we worked on more standing balance and doing tasks while standing, but at that point, I was getting real tired.

As the weather has been pretty crappy up here (4-6” snow), Tom is spending the night at home to work on leftover tasks from the installation last weekend. This means a quiet night for me, so will be laying down early and watch a good movie on my iPad. 

I am both very excited and pretty scared about going home, to be honest. I am sure things will be good, but I will need to be sure to be as safe as possible once I get there.

(Once Dan is home I’ll likely just be posting weekly updates.)

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