An Unnamed LJ friend sent me a private message over there and questioned if I was okay the other day, noting I'd been absent from these forums for awhile. I checked back---well, shit! :/

I'm indeed alive, but a lot going on. Will post more about same later today...

I'm so used to thinking everybody reading here is on Facebook where I'm a much more prolific poster, but, alas...yeah...not so much for at least a handful of you. I've been remiss in not posting more over here to keep you all as equally informed about my latest (mis)adventures...

I'll be back, I promise...

piroshki: (ain't dead)

From: [personal profile] piroshki

I'm not on FaceBook, nor have I figured out how to Twit (and the more I see what "live-twitting" looks like the less I think I'll try). I don't PM, either, whatever that is, so I had no way to tell you Yes I'd noticed you were gone, and Yes I wondered how you are.

I hope things have been going well with you and yours.



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