So far I've only taken one dose of the Augmentin yesterday afternoon, which left me feeling a bit weird in the brain meats not long after I took it. I daresay I don't think I took it with enough food in my tummy, so I will try to eat a bit more before my impending AM dose.

Not keeping it bandaged is really challenging for me, as that's not how I've always been taught with wound care, but that's what I was told to do, so...yeah. Otherwise wound care is going well--my teeny tiny hands are small enough to soak the afflicted appendage in a one-cup Pyrex measuring cup and it's fun to watch things bubble and stuff as I soak it through the glass of the cup. ;) Gotta get my amusement from this somewhere!

I'm on a different daily antibiotic for acne control and I forgot to ask if I can take that med along with the Augmentin, so later on I'll be calling the nurse line to ask. I'll also be asking if it's alright for me to bowl tonight. I'm not so injured that I can't just wrap my pinkie up in a bandaid and just go for it, but they might have something to say about the physicality of the activity with that being my dominant hand and blood flow to the pinkie resulting from same. Better to be safe than sorry, and since I'm calling about another thing anyway I might as well just ask!

Otherwise, not much change--it's still somewhat numb at the tip of the pinkie, sore through the rest of the finger. Wound is half closed/half open (there's sorta a flap of skin where he got me), so when I soak it I gently squeeze the pad of the finger to help get the water/peroxide mix into the wound. Ibuprofen is definitely helping a bit with the swelling and pain--tip's noticeably smaller and the pain's noticeably diminished when I'm on the stuff. I reckon it'll take a few days of the Augmentin before I notice any other improvements, so I'm not fretting just yet. The good news is, though, that things aren't continuing to get WORSE. That's key here! ;)

So, there; you've gotten both a Lars and a Pam update this morning! Ain't you lucky? ;)


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