No downloads as of last night so we decided to give Lars 1cc of Lactulose last night to try and help jump-start his system. It Did Not Go Well. I administered the meds, and I'm not as experienced as J is, so Lars fought me tooth and nail. Following J's suggestions, I kneeled on the floor, placed Lars between my legs, got ready to administer the dose and Lars went batshit. Squirmy, growly, yowly, and bitey. He got me, too, on the pad of my right pinkie finger--hard enough to draw a bit of blood. :/

I did manage to get most of the dose into his head without getting much of the sticky stuff onto his fluffy, fluffy fur. Released the Hell Beast and tended to my wound. It's not bad, but it's not great, either. Washed it thoroughly under hot water for about five minutes, saturated it with rubbing alcohol, and drowned it in hydrogen peroxide before lightly bandaging it without any sort of antibiotic ointment. Why no meds? We learned with J's bad bite last year that by putting any antibiotic ointment on, the wound will heal from the outside in. If there's any bad bacteria from the bite still inside the wound, it'll fester under the healed tissue, which is what they speculate happened to J and that's how he landed in the hospital for three days with a blood infection from his bite from Ra. It was weird for me to not fully dress a wound, but since I know better, I didn't.

Status of the Lars this morning: no downloads anywhere, be it in a litter box or around the house that I've found, so far. Sigh. That Lactulose usually works overnight, so...yeah...He begged for his breakfast again this morning bright and early and ate it with much gusto again and is otherwise acting normally, so I think he's okay...for now...

Before J left for work he successfully, and with surprisingly minimal fuss, administered another 1cc of Lactlose into Lars' head. He had to pin Lars on his side to do it, but he did it. We can give up to 6cc per day, so if Lars doesn't download by tonight, he'll get another 1cc before his dinner I think.

I would have to say that, if there are no downloads found by tomorrow morning, a call (at least) to Dr. B is in order. We can't wait too long without a download--if he's plugged up for too long, Lars could end up with a chronic condition called megacolon, which is all sorts of DO NOT WANT, so...yeah, gotta get Lars to download somehow. There's always the possibility that Lars is leaving us presents in new and yet to be discovered places around the house, but I find that a bit unlikely. My wager is on that he's constipated, which if we don't rectify it, then Dr. B will have to with an enema. :/ Won't THAT be fun?? :/

Status of the Pam: wound area is a bit sore in general and a bit to the touch. Ever so slightly red around the edges of the wound, too, but that's to be expected, really. I washed it thoroughly again after I took my AM meds and doused it good with hydrogen peroxide and let it sizzle for awhile before rinsing it with more hot water, gently dabbing it dry and lightly re-bandaging it again. No blood or anything else coming out of it, so that's good I think. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this wound in the coming hours and days to make sure nothing Bad happens to it. It's just deep enough to be of some concern, of course. Couldn't be an easy and superficial thing, no it couldn't!

Sigh. The adventures around here continue...


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