On top of the lackluster eating this AM, Lars was a bit lethargic throughout the part of the day that we were home--we had shelter duty in the afternoon, so we don't know how he was between like 1430 and 1845...which left me more than a bit concerned as we left to go tend to shelter kitties.

Get home and discover a fairly old and crusty download half in/half out of a plastic shopping bag with HEET bottles in it by the door. How we missed that one, I'll never know, but...yeah...Thanks, Lars. :/ Still no fresh downloads, in the boxes or elsewhere I've yet to discover, so there that to concern myself with still.

He was there to greet us at the door when we got home, so that was A Good Thing. Chilled out on the bed with us after our post-shelter showers for awhile, which is normal for him. Begged for his dinner at the usual appointed time, and then gobbled his dinner with gusto! Yay! That's A Really Good Sign, right? Who knows with this one--he's been so inconsistent lately! :/

Always, it seems, with some health concern of some sort with our cats...


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