He (and Dorene and Harlow) drove me NUTS quite early this morning for their breakfast. Got up and did the needful and doled out the foods. Lars got his requisite dab of grain free chicken gushy fud followed by his small Science Diet sized scoop (about 1/4 cup-ish, if I'm recalling correctly) of his usual grain free chicken flavoured kibble.

He ate the gushy fud with gusto and started in on the kibbles with pretty good enthusiasm, but...yeah. Checked on him about ten minutes later (he's a slow eater, but that's still a long time for him) and he wasn't by his bowl and there was a hair shy of a quarter of his food left in the bowl. Meanwhile, he's sunning himself on the chair by the kitchen window! :/

Coaxed him back to his bowl by gently shaking contents of same. He ate a few more pieces a bit half-heartedly before walking away back to his perch on the chair by the window.


About 45 minutes later he was standing by the laundry room door (which is where we keep their food stash) and he started meowing at me, so I brought the food bowl back out. He, again, went after its contents half-heartedly, but at least this time he finished what was left.

My gut instincts tell me he might be blocked up poo-wise from the Metronidazole we gave him. The last download we know *for sure* was his was on Wednesday before we took him into the vet. I thought there might have been one in the box from him last night, but it was not distinctly "his" so I can't be sure. There was also another download in one of the boxes this AM, but it was so covered in litter (Lars doesn't cover his, and sometimes the other kids cover it for him) that I, again, couldn't tell whether it was actually his or not. If we don't receive "the gift that keeps on giving" from our sweet, fluffy boy by the end of the day, we just might have to hit him up with a dose of Lactulose to jump-start the works. :/

Poor, sweet fella. :/


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