We had an almost two month streak of no errant shitting going, too. He was being such a good boy! Then BLAM! Errant shit pile in front of the entertainment center in the living room this morning after breakfast. A real good pile of what we somewhat affectionately refer to as "Lars Bars", a total stinker, so I knew going into the kitchen to brew my coffee after he ate that he did *Something*. Ew, it was still warm when I cleaned it up with the paper towels... :/

About all I can figure that set him off to do this was I gave him Petro Malt last night, a little extra than called for, because he's been dry coughing as though he's been trying to produce a hairball. Perhaps the urge to shit struck at an inopportune time and he was in a familiar old spot and decided to drop bars? I've long since stopped tried figuring out what makes this cat shit outside of the box...

Just a reminder--we have had him thoroughly checked for health related reasons and his errant shitting has been decreed purely behavioral. Doc B offered up a try on behavior modifying type medication to see if that might help, but we turned him down for obvious reasons--why medicate an obviously otherwise healthy and happy five 1/2 year old cat?

Sigh. The joys of owning "broken" cats. :/ As J says "good thing he's man pretty..." ;)


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