No pictures, but here's what we did for her...

She got two new toys--a giant green sparkle/crinkle ball and a beetle bug with crinkly wings that's got a string attached to it so us hoomins can make it dance and move so she can bat at it. ;)

For dinner all three kids got to celebrate with a bit of hoomin tuna--Dorene got a little bit more than her share, plus a bit of their usual kibble. They were all sooo excited after they caught a whiff after that can opened, LOL. Dorene wasn't content with her own bit of tuna; she had to go steal some of Lars' share, too, which was both amusing and maddening all at once. ;) Harlow went a bit swoony over his tuna bits--he was A Very Happy Kitty, indeed. ;) He loves his hoomin fud so...

All and all a Good Gotcha Day, methinks. :)


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