Suspicious mole thingus I made brief mention of in my last post has been looked at and is not actually a mole. It's a very small vericose vein cluster that's irritated, which is why it bleeds at random times when it is particularly irritated. Nurse practitioner says it's about the size of a mid-sized pin head, which was how I felt it and as how I saw it in the mirror as well. Says there's really nothing to be done for it, save for cauterizing it to stop the random bleeding. Given it's in my girly region, a very sensitive place to say the very least, we're holding off on cauterizing the damned thing until/if it gets bigger or more bothersome. I'm just glad it's not infected or anything gnarly like that. :/ It's also very benign and nothing to worry about, which makes this girl very happy, indeed.

I was so sure it was a mole, I was somewhat surprised to find out it was something else altogether; I didn't ask those pertinent questions such as how does one get varicose vein clusters in that region of the body and why do they bleed when irritated? I plan on calling the women's center's nurse line to ask those questions sometime tomorrow... ;) My bad--I get all flustered and stuff when I'm at the doctor for any reason, let alone something going on with my girly bits...Again, at least it's something minor and benign!

In other news--I got weighed, as is wont to happen when visiting a health provider. I've lost four pounds since my last weigh in at the end of December!! :) It ain't much, but I'll take it!! :) Yay!! :)


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