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( Feb. 27th, 2015 12:26 am)
The last two weeks before this week was the Pins Over Average entry level tournament. Our league participates in it every year, and every year I tank it big time and don't perform too much over my average...

...until this year!

The first week I was only 1 pin over my average in total, which really sucked. Last week though? I was EN FUEGO, with 124 pins over average!! I'm still in awe at how hot I bowled last week!

Anywhoo, the league results were announced Wednesday night. Guess who scored at the top of the league in pins over average and is moving onto the semi-finals in April???


I'm still in shock over that one, too! :)

A couple of years ago I did well enough during "Beat the Champs" weeks that I qualified for the semi-finals in that particular tournament, but I turned down my slot because of 1)way too socially anxious to attempt bowling in a strange alley with all those strangers around me; and 2)it was on a Sunday and I couldn't find subs to take our shift for us so I could bowl and J could accompany me for moral support and company. But this time around? I think I'm gonna put on my Big Girl Panties, take my anti-anxiety meds, saddle up, and go for it! :) It'll probably be on a Sunday again, which means finding subs for our shelter shift, but I think with enough notice we'll be able to find somebody to do it for us.

Hopefully I'll still be "hot" with some mad, hot bowling skillz and I'll perform well at the semi-finals. Taking this a step at a time, mind. Not anticipating I'll end up moving forward from the semis, but who knows? Will keep you all posted as this whole thing progresses!! :)
( Feb. 27th, 2015 01:41 am)
One of my all-time favorite Imogen Heap songs, I've played it over 80 times on my iTunes...



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