Lars just hasn't been himself for about a week now. It's been in the form of not quite finishing all of his breakfast kibble a day here and a day there, but not acting funny elsewise and then eating all of his dinner. He acted fine last night, but we think he had to small bouts of diarrhea last night overnight, didn't get off the bed to go for his breakfast, is lethargic today, and is hissy whenever Dorene or Harlow come near him on his perch on the bed.

J tried to pick Lars up and hold him gently to check him over around 1000 and he yowled and complained loudly so J put him back down. I picked him up a short while later and he chirped his dissatisfaction a bit but otherwise let me hold him for a few minutes. It's plain he's uncomfortable and Just Plain Not Feeling Well.

So, yeah, on the second coldest day of the season, a trip to the vet is past due. We're scheduled to 1545 out at Aurora Cat Clinic with Dr. B. Just in case we scraped together a little bit of some of his suspected diarrhea stools from overnight in case they want to run a test for any stomach bugs.

Sigh. We just simply can't NOT have a sick cat in this house, it seems. I hope everything turns out to be alright for him... :/


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