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( Aug. 14th, 2014 11:35 am)
"The Fault in Our Stars", by John Green (kindle edition) 4 out of 5 stars.

From a booklist review found on amazon:

"At 16, Hazel Grace Lancaster, a three-year stage IV–cancer survivor, is clinically depressed. To help her deal with this, her doctor sends her to a weekly support group where she meets Augustus Waters, a fellow cancer survivor, and the two fall in love. Both kids are preternaturally intelligent, and Hazel is fascinated with a novel about cancer called An Imperial Affliction. Most particularly, she longs to know what happened to its characters after an ambiguous ending. To find out, the enterprising Augustus makes it possible for them to travel to Amsterdam, where Imperial’s author, an expatriate American, lives. What happens when they meet him must be left to readers to discover. Suffice it to say, it is significant. Writing about kids with cancer is an invitation to sentimentality and pathos—or worse, in unskilled hands, bathos. Happily, Green is able to transcend such pitfalls in his best and most ambitious novel to date. Beautifully conceived and executed, this story artfully examines the largest possible considerations—life, love, and death—with sensitivity, intelligence, honesty, and integrity. In the process, Green shows his readers what it is like to live with cancer, sometimes no more than a breath or a heartbeat away from death. But it is life that Green spiritedly celebrates here, even while acknowledging its pain. In its every aspect, this novel is a triumph."

With that particular blurb, I've already given away more about the book than I should've, but the amazon review was only a sentence or two long and didn't give the book much justice. My niece recommended this book highly, and I'd seen that it has also become a major motion picture with decent reviews, so I decided to check it out. I was NOT disappointed! Wow, what an intense and emotional read! If you don't tear up at least once during the course of this read, you can consider yourself an emotional robot! Incredibly well written, I felt so much while reading this one. Full of feels, as some say. Get a box of tissues, head down to your local book shop, and get yourself this book. What a roller coaster!!
( Aug. 14th, 2014 01:04 pm)
Though I haven't posted until now about it, I'm deeply mourning the loss of A Great But Troubled Man--Robin Williams. You'd have to be stuck under some sort of desolate rock to not know that Mr. Williams took his own life on Monday morning. I've been an avid fan of his since childhood and his Mork and Mindy and stand-up days. Yes, it was wildly inappropriate for my folks to have allowed me to watch most of the videos of his stand-up comedy from back then, but I'm ever so glad they let my brother and I watch his works from back then. Even though I didn't get the more adult of the bits, I still got enough out of it back then to know that man had an Incredible Comedic Gift, even at that wee 'Tween/Teen age.

As I grew older, I could always tell there was a deep and troubled emotional storm behind the jokes, the manic mannerisms and the laughter. I just *knew*, as only someone who suffers similar feelings can know--and this was before the stints in rehab and hospitals and his self-confessionals on late night talk shows. He *got* it, but could somehow overcome it and be a Damned Funny Guy. I envied that about him, that he could always somehow overcome the demons that plagued him. And then, on Monday, those very demons over took him and now he's gone. Those bastard demons finally got to him and he took his life. And that really fucking sucks. :(

My heart was sad, but grew even sadder when I saw an article on Buzzfeed about how Koko the sign language using gorilla took news of his friend Robin's death. Broke my sad heart a bit more. The world is sadder for losing Robin Williams. He will be deeply missed by so many fans, family, and friends. May his troubled soul find peace in Whatever it is that comes after this Earthly life. May he finally rest well...

If you've got similar demons, as I do sometimes, please do not let those bastards get to you and make you do something similar. I have faith that, when those demons come to plague me again, I'll be of clear enough mind to know they're only ugly voices that lie and are trying to trick me into doing something permanent for a usually temporary situation. The world is better for us sensitive souls being in it, and will be worse off for the leaving of it. Do your best to tell those lying voices to shut the fuck up, and hang on for one more day, one more minute, one more moment, until those evil voices are quiet once again and the better voices can return once again. Think of all the pain from your heart that almost instantaneously gets visited upon those who love you if you were to take your own life--and there are so very many people who love you even when you're unlovable and feel unloved! Know that I am one of many who love you as you are, thorns and all, and that you'll be missed when you inevitably go, especially if you go by your own doing...

That's enough of my attempt at Inspirational Speech about not committing suicide. If you're down and out and desperate to end the pain, do me a favor and try to hang on, okay? I know it's something impossible to wish for, but NO MORE SUICIDES, dammit!! :/


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